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  1. Explorer cron

    Will stock F150 be able to do white rim trail?

    I’ll be out there from KY in July. I’m hoping to do this trail with a ‘16 F150 with trailer in tow.
  2. Explorer cron

    Solar panel as a wind deflector

    I know I’m quite late to the show, but did you go with the solar wind deflector? I’m planning on doing this on my trailer.
  3. Explorer cron

    Trailer light problems

    I think I wired up my running lights as pseudo brake lights.
  4. Explorer cron

    Trailer light problems

    I didn’t run a ground through the trailer or frame. I wired up all the lights with a common ground back to the 7 pin connection box. All wire is brand new copper with good terminal ends.
  5. Explorer cron

    Trailer light problems

    Blinkers work normally. Hazards work normally. Every light functions as it’s supposed to with the exception of the brake lights. I think I wired up the running lights as brake lights of sorts. I may leave it alone and enjoy the extra illumination when braking.
  6. Explorer cron

    Trailer light problems

    I’m in the wiring phase of my trailer build. All lights are LED. I have side running lights that also function as turn signals. Everything works as advertised except when I apply the brakes the side running lights illuminate. My brake lights have a dim and bright mode built in to function like a...
  7. Explorer cron

    Trailer build

    It’s a long time coming, but I’m making progress. The RTT is on pneumatic actuators to raise it up to about 6ft 8in So I can enjoy an annex. Once it’s deployed, I’ll mount some support legs to bare the weight.
  8. Explorer cron

    Utility Body

    I’m starting with something similar. I’ve chopped about 15” off the top. Although mine has bifold doors on the rear. In fact, I think it’s the same trailer, just modified.
  9. Explorer cron

    Unistrut for bed sliders or...?

    I’m thinking of fabricating an aluminum floor truss type slider. Box in my kitchen equipment. Something like this is incredibly strong and light weight. Use rollerblade wheels for runners. Any thoughts?
  10. Explorer cron

    Mini furnace

    I want to do some winter camping in my explorer. I have a nice set-up for spring/summer camping, but winter is a bit tougher to enjoy. Are there any companies out there like Propex that have small outside mounted heaters? This is the Propex heater. Good size and mounting options.
  11. Explorer cron

    Night time ventilation

    There’s nothing worse than sleeping in your vehicle with bugs flying around. Sleeping with the windows up doesn’t work either. I grabbed some gutter guards, no-see-um net, 3in 12 volt fans and my hot glue gun. I trimmed the gutter guard to fit my windows, installed the fans for exhaust then...
  12. Explorer cron

    12 volt slow cooker

    I love my slow cooker. I have it set up in a small tub to contain any spills while driving. So far the meals I have cooked are down right delicious. I would like something to cook up a breakfast while on the road though. Something quicker than my slow cooker. I still would like to add a “low”...
  13. Explorer cron

    12 volt slow cooker

    I recently purchased a RoadPro crock pot. It runs off 12 volts, but has no low/high switch. I would like to add one for longer drives. I will say though, that driving while my dinner is slow cooking is tough. Nothing is better than a good home cooked meal while on the road.
  14. Explorer cron

    Tire Carrier Hinges - again

    I’m trying to figure out a swing out for a 2007 Ford Explorer Ironman. I don’t really want to build a whole new bumper. Does anyone have any help to offer?