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  1. mtnbike28

    EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

    I still love the tiger stripe wood grain
  2. mtnbike28

    FlipPac Hinge Broke - Solutions?

    If you decide not the drill and drive out from far end like I did, maybe drill into teh broken hinge, tap it and drive in a large bolt and use a slide hammer?
  3. mtnbike28

    HELP needed Nicaragua F350 powerstroke 2015

    A bump for you, hope someone has help
  4. mtnbike28

    Vagabond Drifter Wedge Camper 5 ft.

    Sorry to hear about your issues, GLWS
  5. mtnbike28

    Elephant Hill / Needles: Advice on Rig (Tacoma)?

    I was aired down, but maybe not enough? Of course the video only shows the problems and not all the parts we walked over ; ) We took our time, and even with close spotting, I know we both banged our skids several times and it was a great peice of mind knowing we had them. I was on 34s and James...
  6. mtnbike28

    Elephant Hill / Needles: Advice on Rig (Tacoma)?

    here we are with exactly what you are asking -
  7. mtnbike28

    FlipPac Hinge Broke - Solutions?

    Yep that was me! I was an idiot, but it worked ; )
  8. mtnbike28

    Flippac questions & pictures, from a new owner

    Lots of questions 1. Water in bed. There is a series design issue with the Taco and the end of the bed. Search YouTube for methods to seal it, but you have to remove the top and add sealant. I didn't know that and have not removed my Flippac to fix yet. 2. Cleaning the tent. I haven't found...
  9. mtnbike28

    Where to mount Solar Controller (Tacoma)

    Thanks for the info, I have a set up for now, but lots more to learn.
  10. mtnbike28

    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    Just get the Thetford - It's not bad at all dumping and even if on your property, dig a hole and dump and not bury plastic. No smells and can travel half full with no issue.
  11. mtnbike28

    SOLD: Conqueror Compact Trailer

    The fire sale price was $5500 when I bought mine new. They are worth more than that. This is a great trailer and I miss mine, if you are thinking of a trailer, consider this.
  12. mtnbike28

    Where to mount Solar Controller (Tacoma)

    I just purchased the Renogy 100w panel with the MPPT controller, the instructions say mount it vertically and away from high heat and water, so that means not in engine bay as I planned, it's going into a 3rd gen Tacoma. Anywhere else I will have to get new wire for the battery to controller...
  13. mtnbike28

    Wildlife Photography

    A pair of deer visited my campsite each evening to eat the grass in the water. The light was pretty.
  14. mtnbike28

    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Love the new graphics!
  15. mtnbike28

    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Great sunset quote!
  16. mtnbike28

    West Texas Wanderings 2022

    A follow up to your missing persons -
  17. mtnbike28

    Stranded in a Snow Storm FACT CHEK

    Sounds nothing like professional journalists. The importance of the 4th Estate and the watchdog of government. The founding fathers understood this. The lose of media at the local level is even worse, no one watching what boards and commissions are doing is so scary!