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    Coleman Colorado camper

    Yes, definitely pics.
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    Baltic Birch 5X5 Panels

    I can get the 5x5 BB sheets here in Colorado for $45-$50 per sheet. It's really strong, the 1/2" thick stuff is like 9-ply, so its stronger than most plywoods out there. It makes great drawers and cabinets too. BTW Lynnrb - that mattress is awesome, I may get one....the queen is 58" wide, so...
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    Sawtooth XL

    Nice. Glad to see this project continue, it's one of my favorite trailers.
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    Cheap RTT build

    I cleaned the canvas as good as I could then put it back on the frame. I sprayed it with some Kiwi Camp Dry to waterproof it and I'll leave it open overnight. I cleaned to mold-stained spot with some vinegar =/ water solution. It took the stains out, but some of the fabric fell apart...
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    Cheap RTT build

    I'm not sure of the exact weight, it's not a very big tent width-wise, about 50" on the inside. I'm guessing close to 100lbs. It has a metal ladder instead of aluminum like most RTT'. Just with the frame on top of the truck, I can notice it's there when driving the ranger, it has soft...
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    Cheap RTT build

    I had some time to work on the RTT today. I started fabbing up a mount for the truck. I made some brackets to attach to the rollbar, then I used some c-channel stuff I had around for the mounts. I'll make something better in the future, it's just to help me figure everything out. It's...
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    Cheap RTT build

    I've been trying to figure a mounting system for the ranger. I don't want it too high, so I think I'll keep it even or under the off roads lights.
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    Cheap RTT build

    I'm not sure if anyone's interested in this, but I'll continue if even for my own benefit. The first thing I had to do was to replace both floorboards. I used 1/2" birch ply to replace the particle board stuff that was warped. That's much better. Got the other side done and started...
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    Cheap RTT build

    I found a deal here locally for a Roof top tent that I couldn't pass up. I paid $50 for this thing and it's in pretty good shape. Here's a few pics of it. Found some documentation under the mattress There's one bad spot on the canvas on one corner The floor got wet through there and...