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  1. J

    RSI Smartcap 6.5 ft $3000

    i do miss skiing Taos… killer combination of steep terrain and limited crowds (at least 15 years ago that was the case)
  2. J

    RSI Smartcap 6.5 ft $3000

    Man I wish you were closer to Norcal… I would take both shell and drawers
  3. J

    For Sale: 2017 Toyota Tacoma “Ultimate Aussie Ute”

    Bumping this ad. Since my previous comment, I've done some research and also been in touch with the seller who has been very helpful with shipping/customs quotes and additional info. It seems like a straightforward process to get the truck titled/registered in California, in case that has...
  4. J

    For Sale: 2017 Toyota Tacoma “Ultimate Aussie Ute”

    I would love this if it wasn't so far away and across an international border.
  5. J

    2019 Ford F-150 XLT 5.0 6.5' - Vagabond Nomad - $61.5k Bay Area

    Is this still for sale? I mean to reach out in January and the bump reminded me just now.
  6. J


    Are you interested in selling outright? What would you want for it?