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    18 months around Australia with Dan Grec / The Road Chose Me

    Try this to see different prices around the Country
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    Fly and Drive

    This might help re times to travel. Get a BIG map and see where you want to go to
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    Fly and Drive

    The time of the year you plan on travelling to some places can also affect where you can go
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    Questions for Australian travel

    some good info here
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    Recommendations for vehicle rentals in the north of Austrailia

    Some idea of temperatures /rain in Darwin at different times of year and Alice Springs If time permits also try and see The Olgas or Ayers Rock...
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    Tasmania - a month to explore

    If you get a chance, fly to here for a few days Eat, surf and generally have a fresh air experience.
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    Anyone in Tasmania interested in a treasure hunt?

    Try listing on this site. Actually would have locals nearby
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    Empire Defender

    Try this for vehicle type
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    Trailer Frame Ideas - Wadda ya reckon??

    Your design would fail I believe with all your welds at the front of your box area. You need to have an A frame design going as far back as possible. Look at a design like something along the chassis design on this site You can build whatever sort...
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    A heritage resume of accomplishments

    First Overland. Trip to Singapore Can buy copy of reprint of book and DVD from here.
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    Defender 110 1979/2002 EBAY LEGAL???

    The Defender name was not adopted until 1990 as a measure to distinguish the utility Land Rover model from the Discovery and Range Rover. Between 1983 and 1990 the coil-sprung utility Land Rovers were officially known as the Land Rover Ninety or One Ten. Before 1983 it was the Series 3. No...