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    1997 Ford F350 XLT 7.3L expedition vehicle - Trade or for sale

    Very nice build. And It being a 1997 diesel should be of interest to those subject to CARB. It should be exempt.
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    Proto RossMonster Baja

    There is a video and ExPed review that can be found.
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    $50k for 4x4 Fuso with camper mounted on top

    maybe the "prepare for competitive bidding." worked and they no longer care to update
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    brand New Slide in Camper truck for sale $26000

    He's WA. I spoke with him and he has a demo with a no working awning for I think $20k ? I thought very hard about it, to small for me. There is a listing for an original GXL with a truck here on this site. The seller is now willing to separate I think.
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    PRICE DROP For sale: 2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 70K OBO Bend, OR

    Worked for me. May have to be signed into your own apple account. And if you don't have one you can't be signed in. A sign of the times if you will. I might have to get a FB acct. to look at a vehicle I'm interested in...
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    brand New Slide in Camper truck for sale $26000

    Well I guess the real deal was about the same price when released. But you were buying from a company that does provide support.
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    brand New Slide in Camper truck for sale $26000

    It is a lot of $ for what it is. $39999... I am no longer interested.
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    Tundra + SpaceKap + SherpTek

    Very interested. PM sent.
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    High-end fuso overlander build 4000 miles on it

    yeah?... I wonder if someone bought the alpinaroad Fuso and is trying to flip. Not the worst idea. But that had more miles, I think?
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    1985 Unimog Camper $65K BAT

    Wow it went for $101k... someone got a great deal
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    2021 Bundutec Wild + Ford F250 - $85k

    I think this is a Roadrunner? The Wild models look like pop tops. Very nice PM sent.
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    [No Longer Available] 2017 Mitsubishi FUSO FG 4WD $153,000.

    Umm he just texted me it is sold?... thanks, I guess? sold = not available. He now has the orig seats for sale on this site... which he told me he did not have. but now are for sale? I found the 3 series seats not to my liking for a COE. The whole cab "re-design" was not to to my liking. Never...