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    2022 Ford F550 - DIY - Adventure Expedition Vehicle Build Thread

    Quick question about your tire/wheels. I have the same setup and am getting ready to install on my much older f550. Question is I was under the impression that the rears had to be mounted on reverse ( bead lock to the inside) to track correctly? Do you have a spacer on the rear? great project...
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    Build: Ram 5500 and Arctic Fox 1140

    Could you post a picture of the rear deck? I am working on something similar thanks
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    2021 Ram 5500 with 2022 Host cascade

    Great thanks for taking the time to do that. I have the same length bed. I really like the layout of the cascade. The search continues...
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    2021 Ram 5500 with 2022 Host cascade

    Also one other question, in the above picture of the rear suspension setup there looks to be a black 2x4 on top of the frame rails. Was this installed between the frame rails of the truck and the cm bed?
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    2021 Ram 5500 with 2022 Host cascade

    Nice, I am in process of building something similar. Couple questions, is the truck 60" CA? How much space between the front of the camper and the headache rack? thanks
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    SOLD! Brand New ARB Deluxe Winch Bumper Ford F250/F350/F450/F550 $1,750

    How about shipping to 81321? Thanks
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    Modifying Truck Camper to Slide Completely on Flatbed

    Does it fit all the way on your flatbed? Kind of hard to tell from the picture. I have been looking at lots of different campers trying to find one that will fit all the way on the bed. Everything I have found so far needs plumbing remodel. Why you thinking of changing ?
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    WTB: Hallmark or Outfitter

    sent you a message
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    Off market temporarily...Sportsmobile 03 7.3 power stroke 42,000 original

    He texted me back like 3 times, putting me off and then crickets?
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    Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!

    1998 E-One 7.3, working on gutting the interior now and searching for donor 4x4 parts.
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    HAMBO build thread

    HI, wondering what your plans are for raising the roof? I am also building an ambo and going to raise the roof. Thanks