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  1. jmkoz

    G 300 Professional W461. TPMS issues

    Hi, You may find some answers in this post from the Australian owners club (AGOA). John
  2. jmkoz

    W461 G-Professional Single Cab (Softer Suspension upgrade)

    Maybe also try asking the Australian guys who have this vehicle, There are quite a few cab/chassis owners on the AGOA forum John
  3. jmkoz

    Rainy night in an Oztent

    No great problems packing up it is just a little bulkier but not by much. John Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  4. jmkoz

    Rainy night in an Oztent

    I can't comment on your particular problem but I know that I have experienced condensation on cold and/or wet nights rather than leaks. After a while I wised up and bought the fly. Since then I haven't had the problem. The fly stays attached during pack-up but does take a little extra time to...
  5. jmkoz

    OzTent Owners, Carry Bag Question

    There is a manufacturer here in Australia (formerly in the US), Drifta, that is selling a larger and apparently improved bag for all sizes of Oztent plus a few other accessories. Lots of videos on their site on a whole range of stuff. I know that the products on eBay Australia as well - not sure...
  6. jmkoz

    Newbie, LS3 into a G? MB 250GD ?

    There is an LS1 conversion on a long wheelbase here in Australia which is written up here on the AGOA forum. It may help. John
  7. jmkoz

    Aus military testing G Wagen

    You are quite correct TCao (as was I)! Obviously above is from the video. Here is a clearer shot from a non-armoured Australian Defence Force (ADF) G-Wagen I hope that this helps clear it up. By the way these are no longer under test but are in use. I was fortunate to be out at MB...
  8. jmkoz

    Aus military testing G Wagen

    These are actually a heavier duty Ashtaroth. To distinguish them, you will notice that where there are holes in the spokes of the standard Ashtaroths - the miltary versions are solid. here's the standard for comparison. John
  9. jmkoz

    Old Man Emu Suspension now Available for the G-Wagon

    The roofrack is not an ARB. It is a custom made alloy bar by Tradesman in Melbourne Australia. The vehicle pictured belongs to an AGOA member and is also fitted with Black Widow Storage Drawers. With reference to the question on the Winch Bar......We (AGOA) have tried to convince ARB to...
  10. jmkoz

    1st post: my 1988 230GE

    Only strange in that it is RHD. We have a lot of Japanese imports here in Australia - given that we also use RHD. Actually I shouldn't be surprised, One of our US expat members bought his Japanese import from Canada so they can get around. I look forward to reading about your conversion. John
  11. jmkoz

    1st post: my 1988 230GE

    Hi eltonz, Your truck looks good and if I'm not mistaken a Japanese import. It seems strange for Texas. Given your diesel transplant, you might also be interested in this post on the AGOA Forum. Good luck with your truck. John
  12. jmkoz

    Fuel Transfer

    While probably not available for rotopax you could use the idea and make one to suit. John
  13. jmkoz

    1982 300GD- Fuel prime.... shocking right?

    Hi, A couple of things that I would do (if you haven't already) is to replace the valves in the lift pump housing (they come as a kit with the washers and are fairly cheap and relatively easy to do) and I would also be inclined to check the filter on the bottom of your fuel tank sender. Mine...
  14. jmkoz

    trasharoo improvement/changes thread

    Grimbo, you are in the land of spare wheel sacks. Why when there are so many Australian versions of this product would you want to import one? - No offense intended to the Trasharoo which is obviously a very fine product but it would be like importing kangaroos to Australia. I guess the price is...
  15. jmkoz

    Do you ever remove your storage box?

    I don't use or endorse these units but I did think that it was a good idea from another Aussie company. I would need to find the space in my otherwise full garage though. Quickslide John
  16. jmkoz

    Scepter water can pump?

    This should do what you are looking for if you replace the shower head with a tap. John
  17. jmkoz

    Front Runner Stainless Steel Camp Table

    These are a fairly lightweight table that are marketed under a few different brands but the chain Anaconda sells them under the brand Spinifex. They have some both good and bad points and the first obvious bad (or good point depending on your view) is that the bottom part of the legs need to be...
  18. jmkoz

    Help with foam cut outs

    Electric carving knives work well for guitar flight cases etc. so should do the job for you. Just need to keep the blades nice and straight. FWIW John
  19. jmkoz

    A G-Wagon from Austria

    Lyndi for the roof. John
  20. jmkoz

    Converting a G-wagen from LHD to RHD

    Hi there, We have a member of AGOA ( ) who has converted at least one and possibly more G's to right hand drive with very pleasing (at least aesthetically) results. I think that it is more a matter of cost effectiveness than difficulty. Send me a PM with your Email address and...