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  1. KenC

    Best method for attaching flexible solar to roof

    Check out Merlin Solar (USA) peel and stick solar panels for all occasions at
  2. KenC

    Ripped awning straps on Rhino Rack batwing

    Mep1811: I have and did my best to repair. Placed new webbing over broken straps and used a one stitcher to sew them together. Time consuming. This is the only way to repair since straps are sewn into the awing itself. Seems to me that the webbing used was second or third rate; definitely...
  3. KenC

    How do people wash their greasy pans?

    take a glass jar with a lid for grease. cast iron - wipe with wet rag, no soap.
  4. KenC

    Food Container for cooking?

    If beans were precooked then stored/carried in Thermos style container, would that work? - KenC
  5. KenC

    How to swap out the thermistor in your Dometic CFX

    Thanks for taking the time to write this article. CFX owner - KenC
  6. KenC

    14.7v on stock lead battery?

    Buy a 300 watt cigarette lighter inverter (say $30) for the Tacoma and plug the CTEK in when charging was needed.
  7. KenC

    Risers to lift Awning

    picture came from this site, i downloaded for reference and called it folding joint.
  8. KenC

    lifting the tent rack questions

    why 20"? is there a lid to open?
  9. KenC

    lifting the tent rack questions

    a starting point for gas springs - McMaster-Carr Also, click About more for usage.
  10. KenC

    NOAA Declination Adjustment Calculation - Magnetic Pole shift

    Just posting for those who might use topo maps. Magnetic Field Calculators
  11. KenC

    What is the top tool for a recovery situation? [Poll]

    OverlandTrade: Review the following article as a recovery guide: Winching without the Worry Helped me.
  12. KenC

    Jerry can vs Rotopax for trailer

    Found these on Amazon about 2 years ago with Specter part number. That links is now gone. Last year driving thru desert (+100F), each one swelled up about 1.5 its width. All's okay.
  13. KenC

    ? - Durability of flex/fold solar panels when not permanently mounted?

    No, they will not stop an armor piercing round but they will keep on working and working and working. I have two XP-80s.
  14. KenC

    Coleman 424 stove

    for dating and repair info
  15. KenC

    Am I SOL?

    use this site to find build sheet using VIN just did for 05 TJ Rubicon. Received 5 pages.
  16. KenC

    roof mounted solar panels - which ones to get?

    review Merlin Solar (USA). 4thdsolar is a rep. I have two of their XP-80 folder.
  17. KenC

    2 burner camping stove recommendations?

    I like Coleman products also. Really like the table. have any info? - KenC
  18. KenC

    WTB Dometic CFX35, CFX40, or ARB 37 quart fridge in or around Tacoma / Seattle WA.

    try the following search "Dometic cfx35 my12voltstore".
  19. KenC

    15 years (so far) with this TJ!

    BTDT- sorry i posted earlier without verbage; new at this. Have 210k quality miles on her. Enjoy expo. - KenC