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    SOLD: NEW Rhino Rack Sunseeker 2.5 in SoCal

    Update: SOLD For Sale: Rhino Rack Sunseeker 2.5 awning. Location: South Pasadena, CA. Also, we are driving up the 395 corridor to Bishop in November so could deliver or meet along the way. Description: New, in box! Just picked it up, but doesn't fit the van the way I want it to with my...
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    SOLD: 2008 R1200GS/D (dirt) w/ $10k in add-ons - Los Angeles, CA

    The short story: -Bike: 2008 R1200GS -spare parts highlights: Woody's 18/21 tubeless wheels (OEM wheels too), Akrapovic Ti exhaust, Touratech GSA suspension, mucho crash protection, 2 sets of luggage, -mileage: ~82k -maintenance: up to date with 12k/annual (the big, big one) service just done...
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    CL Find: 1994 Tiger Provan CX Chevy Diesel 4x4 - $9500 Los Angeles, CA

    Haha, yup, just caught that. I am in Los Angeles now. And, as far as the scammer theory goes, I was thinking that too, but if it was real, then way to good not to pass up, and frequently folks in LA sell stuff that they have no idea about, so we can get some good deals here. However, I've sent...
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    CL Find: 1994 Tiger Provan CX Chevy Diesel 4x4 - $9500 Los Angeles, CA

    Not mine, no affiliation, just found it yesterday, and if i remember these are pretty cool rigs and not too many of them out there... I'm happy to do a basic inspection if anyone wants as it's pretty close to my home. Ad text: 1994...
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    WNC CL Trailer Find No affiliation....seems like a good deal.
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    1979 Chevy 4x4 Van 1 ton Not affiliation and all that jazz.
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    1978 Toyota Chinook 4x4

    Ooohhhhh......I'm currently rebuilding a Toyota 2L-T that could go in there.....
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    Cool 4x4 Shuttle rig....great platform?

    So, I called the guy and here's some info. -5.4 liter V8 -4 spd auto trans -dual a/c works -6 new tires -seats can fold against side of van -wheelchair lift works (great to load really heavy things into van...!) -just drove to FL and back from Columbia, SC -no vibrations and 75-80 mph on hwy...
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    Cool 4x4 Shuttle rig....great platform?

    I'm guessing the 6.8 V10 gasser and a 4spd auto. Typically if it had a diesel it would say "powerstroke diesel" underneath the E450 badge on the fender.
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    Cool 4x4 Shuttle rig....great platform?

    Not mine and no affiliation, but I live close if someone wants me to check it out...
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    Award Winning Toyota 4x4 Chinook Camper!!

    Was that camper built on the shortbed or longbed frame? I have a 1985 Longbed Factory Turbo-Diesel 4x4 and am thinking about picking up a 2wd chinook to make a 4x4 diesel camper, but wanted to see what the wheelbase on the camper you had was...?
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    Slide in Camper / Mini Cabover - for smaller truck

    I got a message back...he decided to keep it
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    Slide in Camper / Mini Cabover - for smaller truck

    Still available? This is exactly what I've been looking for. Do you have any more dimensions?
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    Still available? And would you ship it? Thanks
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    1977 sold

    Wheelbase...? What is it? Will it fit on a 1985 Toyota longbed frame?