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    SOLD: Scheel-mann Vario F with Tacoma brackets

    This sold but to answer your question, yes the seat does but the bracket is different.
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    SOLD: Scheel-mann Vario F with Tacoma brackets

    Just the driver‘s seat.
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    SOLD: Scheel-mann Vario F with Tacoma brackets

    Location: Long Beach, CA Seat: Scheel-mann Vario F, Basketweave w/ leatherette, sliders, heating and map pocket, includes all wiring Seat Bracket: Planted technologies with spacer for 3rd gen Tacoma I used it for about a month so almost no wear on it. I bent the seat belt bracket on the base...
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    Ford Ranger Debut

    Exactly, I live in LA and have no desire to daily drive something the size of a school bus. I don’t need the size at all it just adds inconvenience. Hopefully the new Bronco is a refreshed Everest because I’ll scoop one up.
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    Why don’t more people take the WK2 overlanding?

    I enjoy my basically stock 2011 Overland. It doesn’t even have the off road package but it does fine. I can also sleep in the back of it comfortably. I’m 6’1” so that a narrow niche of vehicles.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I have a pretty much stock WK2 Overland but it does what I need it to.
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    Subaru as "adventure mobile"

    They sell them with low range overseas but I've never seen any rumors of them bringing it over. The crawl ratio still isn't great though.
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    1967 International Ambulance 4x4

    I saw this at a car lot I was browsing in Reno. Salesman said it was a few grand. Tempting but I don't really have the room for it. Figured someone else might want a unique project.
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    2015 Subaru Outback: The Anti-Wrangler

    My parents live in the back country in Canada. They have a Tundra with an ARB, mild lift, and some BFG AT KOs plus an Outback. They use the Tundra for hauling heavy loads (which is pretty frequently) but prefer driving the Outback especially in the winter. The lighter weight really makes it...
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    2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude X (Trail Rated)

    I don't own a Patriot but I rented a Compass and drove a few hundred miles in it on a road trip. I'm 6'1" and slightly above average weight and I thought it was quite comfortable. One you get used to the awkward CVT it's a pretty decent vehicle. It feels big to me though. I know it's a...
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    hitch-mounted spare tire rack in 1.25"

    Anything ever come of this? I'm thinking of doing the same. I only have 27s on my car so I'm not too worried about the weight.
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    Forester: ExPo Subaru Project

    It's coming along. I'm thinking of picking up an Outback but I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys do with the Forester.
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    TundraBirds Go! Picture Thread for Tundras and T-100s

    This is my parent's truck but I helped build it for them and figured I'd contribute some.
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    2014 grand Cherokee turbo diesel

    That's good news, first I've heard it wasn't coming with the 6spd. Makes it even more attractive to me.
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    2014 grand Cherokee turbo diesel

    I think the diesel is supposed to stick with the 6spd but my point was people are computing a payback period against 5spd numbers for the V6.
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    2014 grand Cherokee turbo diesel

    Don't forget that the 2014 V6 is getting an 8spd auto so it's mpg should increase significantly as well. That will make the gap with the diesel even small.