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    2017 Fuso 4x4 with Total Composites Box and Subframe 20k Miles

    I'll actually be driving down that way this Sunday. Any chance you would be available sometime through the week to check it out?
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    Questions about habitat seats.

    Thanks Toasty I would definitely like a pass through for the build, even if its something only used in emergency situations. I'm wondering if I should get in contact with the dmv for additional details on the requirements.
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    Questions about habitat seats.

    I apologize if I missed anything, but ive been struggling with finding information on this particular subject. I'm currently looking at a fuso fe145 crew cab for a vehicle to hold a 16 ft box. Depending on the legality and safety I was also considering, if I can find one, and fg instead and...
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    total Composites RV Panels with Extrusions for sale in Golden, CO.

    I believe it was mentioned this is no longer available. I'm trying to find the email/text where it was sent. If I'm confusing listings I apologize in advance.
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    1997 FMTV conversion

    Is this still available?
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    2 fmtv offer up.

    Are either of these still available? These should have the third seat in the center if I'm not mistaken. I also just wanted to see if you know the length of the frame?