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    Early ‘99 F-350 Powerstroke work truck turned expo rig, with some work truck in there still!

    I think it’s about time I post a build thread for my early ‘99 PSD Super Duty. I’ve been a long time lurker here and would like to document my upcoming build and get input from the community, while giving some knowledge back as well. I’ve been in the off-road scene since college about 12 years...
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    Super Duty camper build

    Really good looking rig man! I'm into Jeeps but recently picked up a '99 F350 RCLB with the 7.3 to tow the Jeep but I also want to make some mods to the truck so that it can serve as base camp when I'm on a trip with it and the Jeep.
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    Texas to California and back in a formerly derelict 1966 VW Beetle

    I have to say that I for one love the mutlicolor panels. They really give the car personality. I love that it isn't perfect, it shows that it has been through life and been used. Great report and sounds like an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing!
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    100,000 miles

    Fairly new to the site, just read through the the truck thread and am reading through your teardrop thread as we speak. I love seeing the tundra used as it should be! We have a tacoma that is an awesome truck and goes great. I also have a Honda Accord with 286,000 on it. Gotta love that Japanese...