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    Diesel Heater Ducting? What to use?

    I use this with my diesel heater.
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    Ultimate Overland Rig - 2022 4x4 MB Sprinter professionally built by ZENVANZ

    Affordable is a very relative term at $270,000 for a van. Beautiful looking work and the style I'd buy but I don't think it could ever be classified as affordable.
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    Bundle Your EV Charger Build Cost Into Your Car Loan? BofA sez, sure!

    Definitely not ideal but it will work in a pinch and usually with an extension cord.
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    Bundle Your EV Charger Build Cost Into Your Car Loan? BofA sez, sure!

    It’s an easy 30/50amp outlet already installed in most homes and able to be used with a portable charger and plug adapter.
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    Thread for those that have their money down.

    Interest rates are a killer right now. I typically like to purchase a home when I move somewhere new rather than rent but I don’t know about it this time around. Looking at close to an extra $1000/month on payment in just interest charges is not appealing.
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    Thread for those that have their money down.

    I got the call for a February delivery but had to decline due to moving around that time frame. Any of the options for where I will be going have no support for the vehicle unlike where I live now with a dealer only a short drive away.
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    I finally have a configuration in the website but a ( - ) for estimated build month. I’m in no rush but it’s nice to see progress.
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    Inverter - how large to charge electric chainsaw?

    If you look at the label on the back of the charger it will have the wattage rating. Find an inverter that has a bit of an overhead on that number and you’ll be good.
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    One Starlink “modem” 2 dishes (one mounted one tripod)

    I don’t know the exact answer. I do know that when I let a friend borrow my second dish and he had it plugged into his own router/power supply it still showed up in my account as active but listed using his router name.
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    Vagabond Outdoors Drifter

    It doesn't, that just seems to be the way this is headed with campers not being delivered, employees not being paid and a number of claims in court.
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    Vagabond Outdoors Drifter

    I’m sure you guys are smart enough to make sure you have Phil’s permission to go in there and get the campers. Having the building owner open the door and taking the campers would likely constitute theft even though we know the likelihood of the camper being completed and delivered is extremely low.
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    Charge lithium battery

    That should work. The usual problem with a standard charger on a lithium battery is the inability to bring voltage high enough for a full charge.
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    Refillable 1 Lb Propane Bottles

    I bought some back around 2017 and they leaked and were pretty awful all around. Ended up with a 5lb tank that’s been flawless for the last six years and is fully reusable while also being pretty portable.
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    Mine now leaves out the “until July” part.
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    Maxing out your truck’s payload

    You need a new truck.
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    Thread for those that have their money down.

    Having a decent paying job and no kids opens up all kinds of options for expensive toys and hobbies.
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    Tall person looking for RTT recommendations

    It’s pretty straightforward to look at the manufacturer specs and see if the length is greater than 6’5” with enough height to kneel in. There are a lot of options that meet both those criteria. I’d still recommend sticking with your ground tent as you won’t find that much time savings with a...
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    Imperial going for the mainstream crowd

    Never caught anything from an airplane before, during or after covid. Sometimes you’re bored and it’s fun to flip through the magazines in the seat backs.
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    What Did You Do With Your Lightning Today?

    There’s a whole lot of statistically more likely ways for your house to burn down than from an EV in the garage. It’s not something to even spend the time to think about worrying about.