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    2016 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4 - Limited - Icon Suspension - 1 Ton - Camper Ready!

    Peter, How many miles on the Icons and Deavers? No sunroof (I hope)? Steve
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    4.88 vs. 4.56 in a 2006

    Recommended Shop Redline, I've enjoyed discussion on 4:88's very much. I've bounced back and forth about purchasing a F350 w a pop top or building up my 2000 tundra 4.7 l with a more compact pop top. Decided to go the Tundra route. It's bone stock. Am looking at enhancing its backroad...
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    Project: Waltzing Matilda

    16" tires? I'm in final phase of purchasing super duty to begin a similar build. Why 16" rims? I'm curious about your thinking as it might give me some additional insight about options I should consider. Warmest Regards.