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    Looking for feedback on flatbed trays.

    Check out Diamond Truck Body MFG in Stockton,Ca.
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    Need a good lighter for camping

    My winter usage of lighters is usually limited to the ski slopes.I can't recall a Bic ever letting me down, no matter what elevation.I've also switched from cotton balls/vasalene to Esbit fuel tabs.They burn for 10-15 min., easier to carry and will store for years.
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    The Chuckbox

    I came across these while searching. No affiliation. Seem reasonable.
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    100 series tire size

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    Favorite Pork Rub
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    12V fridge use in Bear Country?

    Or this. Scroll down to the middle of the page to check out the video. P.S. I'm not affiliated with either one of these products,I've just been doing a little research myself.
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    12V fridge use in Bear Country?

    Or you could use something like this.
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    Name That Trailer Competition

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    Bargain Bridging Ladders

    They also would make a nice place to stand if you're using an onboard shower.
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    Time to get a real tent.

    Check out the Turbo Tent here
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    Camp Box For Sale

    Pm'd you.