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    Trip Report Wyoming BDR August 16-26

    Thanks for sharing. That’s a bucket list trip for me.
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    Gladiator Rubi vs Gladiator Mojave

    We bought a Mojave back in Aug. I was interested in getting the Rubicon, since it had all the niceties. Test drove it. Wife seemed like she was fighting keeping it on the highway. Secondary roads were a little better. Got back to the dealer lot and my wife said “I’m sorry, I want to like it, but...
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    I absolutely agree! Yes, the Civic survived. I was able to get slowed to 30ish mph before impact. I had a C4 deer-slayer bumper on the Tacoma. (Traded it in on a Gladiator back in Aug) I hit probably 1/2 dozen deer with it with no damage.
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    I think they prefer the front of vehicles. I tagged one the other week with the Civic.
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    ISO GFC/super pacific/ovrerlnd camper 6.4 ram 2500 Bend, OR

    Snap Outfitters has a used Treehouse for a 2021 Ram. It’s located in south central PA. We got the email from them this morning that they’re almost ready to start building ours for a Gladiator. :)
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    SEMA Show 2023

    How are all those suction cup mounts supposed to be effective after a day on dusty or muddy trails?
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    Go Toyota - $10K Truck

    The true test of worthiness will be if terrorists in the middle east start mounting machine guns to the rear deck
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    Not mine, but so much want

    1955 Dodge Army radio support vehicle
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    Do you actually use or need a pass thru window from camper to pickup?

    If there isn’t a pass-through, how’s the person in the back going to hand off cocktails to the driver?
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    Any JK ABS failures?

    I recently had a very similar situation with my 2017. Did some interwebz searching and came across a fair amount of info referring to dirty/ loose battery terminals. I removed and cleaned the connections, made sure they were sufficiently tight and gooped them well with dielectric grease. The...
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    OnX GPS, Gaia GPS, All Trails or other for hiking and public land boundaries

    With the private land layer enabled, tap or click on the area in question. A window will open and tap or click on the info in the window. Property owner's name, lot size and address should show.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Traded in my high milage Tacoma for the JT, which will be getting a Snap Outfitters Treehouse topper. Once we have that (est. late fall/ early winter) then the JK with the Ursa will get cleaned up and put on the market.
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    S-280 Shelter Box Camper

    I don’t have anything that would remotely handle that, but I’m thinking that would be an awesome hunting cabin. (Sorry, don’t have a hunting location to put it either..)
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    Super Pacific X1 for Sale - fits Ford Ranger 6ft Bed - Like new in CO

    Unfortunately it will not. I called Super Pacific the other day to ask, because I was eying this up as well.
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    New CHEAP satellite messenger!

    That’s a bummer to hear. I ordered one a few days ago. Waiting on it to be delivered.
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    1997 Pierce Saber 4X4 / AWD Fire Truck pumper

    I second that; contact one of the resellers. Brindlee Mountain, Fenton, to name a couple..
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    Kill switches

    These days, a manual transmission is a good theft deterent.
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    College student looking for affordable medium duty ambulance to convert into full time living/working space.

    You might want to keep an eye on govdeals. One thing you need to keep in mind when purchasing a used ambulance, they’re usually rode hard till they’re worn out. The bigger the city/ jurisdiction, the harder they’re used. I have yet to see an ambulance that more than a few years old that hasn't...
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    Gladiator Pop-Up Pass Through Camper Build

    Well played. :giggle: Seamed, instead of seemed….