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    For Sale location (Lakewood, CA): Parts and accessories, (maxtrax, expedition essentials, Timbren, BROG)

    I’ll take the Timbren active off-road bump stops. PM inbound.
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    Suspension for an overweight Tacoma (2nd gen)?

    I'm looking at getting a 2nd generation Tacoma with a Four Wheel Camper slide-in (~1,350 lbs. dry) and ARB steel bumper with a winch. I know that similar rigs are notoriously overweight, but seem to manage okay nonetheless. This one already has an added leaf spring (or maybe a whole replacement...
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    Four Wheel Camper Electrical Basics and Switching to Lithium!

    When I upgrade to lithium, I'll look at installing a second panel or two. Based on this thread it might not be safe to increase solar without some other upgrades, like the wire and connectors leading from the panels to the charge controller. I'm comfortable with wiring in general, but I'm not...
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    Four Wheel Camper Electrical Basics and Switching to Lithium!

    Quite the opposite! For the foreseeable future it will be stored outdoors in New Mexico with 160 watt rooftop solar. I know that’s not a lot of solar with the fridge running, but I’m guessing it’ll stay topped off. I guess if I really feel like I need to do something, I could turn off the fridge...
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    Four Wheel Camper Electrical Basics and Switching to Lithium!

    I have a question about charge controllers for lithium batteries. My understanding is that lithium batteries like to be stored with about a 75% charge. In order to maximize the life of the battery, it seems like it would be useful to have an easily accessible setting on the controller for the...
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    2012 Dodge 5500 with flatbed Alaska camper $110k (Austin TX) This is … interesting. Not often do you get a big screen TV into a truck camper. Craigslist ad includes story of owner’s attempts to cross borders into Russia where he wanted to drive to Vladivostok, and...
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    2023 Wanderbox F600 Based 4x4 Whale RV

    I am think it’s for the zombie apocalypse. Slow zombies only! And they’re gonna get you the first time you stray onto sand.
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    Going to Overland Expo Mountain West - should we camp there?

    Looking for some advice from people who are familiar with camping at Overland Expo Mountain West. My wife and I are planning to attend with 1-4 kids and we’re considering whether to get a camping pass for the event or to find dispersed camping in the mountains nearby. Things that would encourage...
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    2018 Tacoma / Four Wheel Camper Combo

    Is this rig still available?
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    Maggiolina Extreme RTT

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    WTB: fridge slide for Engel MT45 (LxWxH) 25.5" x 14.3" x 20"

    Looking for an affordable slide for an Engel MT45 (LxWxH) 25.5" x 14.3" x 20". I'd prefer to pick up in New Mexico or the Four Corners region, but will happily pay for shipping from elsewhere.
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    Goose Gear

    Sweet setup! How do you access that one spot? Dave, your set up looks great and I'm considering something similar. How do you access the space under the two drawers on the left of this photo?
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    Vehicle camera monitors. Multiplex vs. HD?

    Great advice, pugslyyy. Thanks!
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    Vehicle camera monitors. Multiplex vs. HD?

    I'm looking at camera systems for my rig and feel like it's coming down to a decision between the two systems from Rear View Safety linked below. The main difference is in the monitors. I'd mount either of them as a replacement for the rearview mirror. One offers full HD (1920x1080p) and four...
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    2006 Tacoma Access Cab TRD 89k miles Lots of Expedition Goodies

    I can't believe this hasn't sold, yet. Looks like a great deal on a great truck!
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    Semi permanent flexible solar panel roof install

    Great question. I've been thinking of ways to mount a panel to the roof of a camper securely enough for highway and off-road travel, while making it easy to remove the panel for ground setup at camp. For flexible panels, here's what I've come up with so far. A door gasket at the forward...
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    WTB: National Luna Power Pack (without battery) $400

    I'm looking for a National Luna Power Pack and can pay $400 without a battery. I'd consider buying one with a battery if it's in New Mexico or the Four Corners region.