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    My 2004 Grandby project/ travel thread

    You might consider putting a metal lip from the floor to the door so you can just sweep directly to the outside from the camper. Nice score.
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    Project AWOL: 1986 CUCV M1010 Ambulance

    I just bolted a cut down bike rack tire holder and bolted a qr to the bumper. So easy to load. Bomber too. Position bike upside down, take front tire off, put on QR, swing up and take a cam strap and secure to rail. Donezo, easy peazy.
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    Project AWOL: 1986 CUCV M1010 Ambulance

    Subscribed. And ditch those Swellman's and put in AC60G's and do the resister bypass to prevent cascading failure.
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    Battery and Solar Panel Monitoring Project...

    Couldn't you just buy one more and wire a switch to toggle between panel and controller?
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    Connecting Global Solar panel to Four Wheel camper

    Looks like you need to wire a mc4 to 2flat connector. Or you could cut off the connectors and crimp on a 2flat.
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    Solar Panel...

    We have a whole forum for this that you should search:
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    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    I spotted it rolling South on HWY 82 between Carbondale and Aspen on Sat. Put a big smile on my face. Too bad he couldn't recognize me because I was going the opposite direction on my motorcycle, and not in my truck. Good folks.
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    Free step storage

    Saw it on CL. Welcome to Expo. I'm right over the pass in Minturn. Happy camping. Hope someone can utilize it.
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    Thoughts on locks/deadbolts?

    I've been wanting to add one for both reasons stated above. Probably my next mod. Yes, I've had the door fly open, and yes, I've wanted a little bit more security for my stuff inside. Post up what you do. I'm thinking just a generic residential deadbolt.
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    m35a2 build....and m105 camper build

    I picked up runflat super singles on re-centered m35a3 rims from Boyce Equipment. Really great folks there.
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    Please help me fill my fridge...

    That fridge is going to be working a lot, so make sure you've got the power for it. You can buy a shower at the RV park which will save you some coin on a room, plenty of places to camp and no reason not too. As for food, plan 4 simple dinners, buy produce in town when you get there, and make...
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    Would like some help hashing out an electrical system.

    That panel is huge! And there's one small detail: "Minimum order qty: 25"
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    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Mototote on the receiver.
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    The TARDIS - A Four Wheel Camper Build

    Not here either. Figures, I bought a moto on Sat. and the ski hill closed yesterday.
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    New Truck window statement...lets see yours

    If anyone has an extra expo sticker lying around, let me know. Branches have mine hanging on by a thread.
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    Auxiliary light setups

    They make pleanty of LED's without that blue light. Soft white, yellow (no bugs), etc. They are all over. I hate the LED death ray. But I'm fully converted over. Their time has long arrived.
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    Rolling with our 6x6 Beasties

    Hub disconnects make a huge difference in steering, speed, and mileage. Something to think about. Nice TR.
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    Blue Sea ACR Wiring Question

    If I blow one of those ANL fuses, it's going to take me a long time to figure out why, and I'll be very hesitant to put power into that circuit any time soon. That's why I went with them. And, they are simple, effective, and cheap. I did consider breaker's, but thought it safer to go with a...