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    Would you buy a 150000 miles Fuso 4x4

    I respect all input! That's why I posted here! Given that I'm off with PTSD I need something that will keep my insanity going on and something to keep me busy! I just haven decided which project I'll jump in! But I'm not 30 anymore :{
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    Would you buy a 150000 miles Fuso 4x4

    Contemplating making an Expedition Camper with a Fuso 4x4 base! We don't intent to go extreme 4x4, fire roads; Dempster Hwy; Labrador Hwy with some Baja's Peninsula's trips. Pretty much all used Fuso's are in the 100 miles! Given that Mitsubishi pulled out of North America would you still go...
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    International Terra Star 4x4

    Tks! Drips down to little parts availability "?"! kicking around ideas! F550; Fuso's ... ??? Gathering information!
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    International Terra Star 4x4

    I've been looking around for anything related toward the Terra Star 4x4! Seems very rare! Any reason?
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    My 550 build The "Ford Escape"

    WoW, this is the stuff I was looking for!!! I don't have a Million or a bunch of Sponsors! Very impress, I like the KISS rules! But is isn't cheating if you get your Cabinet Maker daughter to help you out? Again, good inspiration!
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    out with the old in with the new

    Read the Whole tread!!! Not sure which one I envy more, the build up or the trips! Guess what, how about both! Inspiration!!! Tks for sharing your fortune!!!