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    Hitch mounted tire carrier. Yay or nay?

    TireGate I have had the Tire Gate Hitch Gate model mounted on an Excursion for approximately 3 years with decent success. Pros: Access my back glass w/out opening tire gate Opens up a lot of internal space for SUV or Truck Can accommodate up to a Class IV Hitch rating depending on vehicle...
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    2000 Ford Excursion as expedition vehicle

    +1 for the X I believe the X is a great platform. I began with an 05 X with a 6.0 Diesel (I was hesitant with the 6.0 reputation). Here is what I did: -Installed a BulletProof Diesel system to remedy 6.0 problems and I have had zero issues with this engine (again I was very hesitant) -Swapped...
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    Joe Hauler

    Tie-Downs Just a suggestion, after using my hauler for off roading I recommend using a 5K Carabiner to lock ratchet straps onto holes on hauler. Also girth hitch tubular nylon onto bike and upper ratchet strap hook to ensure no separation. The regular hooks can pop loose when cycling suspension...
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    roof rack on topper?

    Roof Rack on Topper I bought a fiberglass Topper with Yakima rails embedded into the top. Run the standard Q-Towers with a Yakima Load Warrior (with Extension). I've routinely had 35" Spare, water & fuel jerry cans, Hi-Lift, and other assorted gear. Never weighed everything together but I am...