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    2020 Conqueror UEV-440 - Price Reduced $39K

    What year was this one built (model year)? Thanks in advance.
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    Cot for an Exped Megamat Duo

    My wife and I have an older version of the Queen sized Coleman air mattress with frame. The air mattresses spring leaks after very little use, but the frames are great. The Megamat Duo fits really well on there. We started out using the Megamat on top of the air mattress, but after the...
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    Used Conqueror future?

    One tip I can add is that we have had much better support ordering parts from Australia instead of South Africa. Even when David was still importing Conquerors into the U.S., he was not at all helpful with replacement parts or support for us. Shipping from Australia is a bit pricy, so when we...
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    Thank you for the information!
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    Kimberley Kampers new US Rep

    That's my biggest concern with him becoming the dealer for the Kimberleys...Since he left the people who purchased Conquerors from him without support when he changed brands, what will happen to the Kimberley owners when he gets tired of them and finds a shiny new trailer to sell instead?
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    I'm really looking forward to seeing these hit the market used in a couple of years. Do the US models also have Diesel cooktop, heat and hot water?
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    Wife needs indoor accommodations....what is worth buying?

    Just some input on the Conqueror 490...You can get walls for the shower side awning to enclose the shower and bathroom area with no gaps. Add a cassette toilet and propane heater and, while it's not indoors, it's definitely not outdoors. You can throw down a rug, too if you want. Same for the...
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    Conqueror UEV 490 Extreme

    I thought all U.S. UEV 490s had insulation since the Evolution model came out. Ours has insulation in it, but it's not real thick. That being said, we have used our Mr. Buddy propane heater with good success since our Diesel heater is not working at the moment. We are planning to take it...
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    Conqueror UEV 490 Extreme

    My wife and I own a 2014 UEV 490 that we purchased used. This is probably too late to help you out now, but the quality is very good, especially compared to the typical American RV. There are a number of touches that make me feel like they have done a good job engineering out most potential...
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    Off Grid Trailers Taking Orders,

    What is the height of the refrigerator in the Overlander model? Trying to see if it is a workable height for my wife. It looks like it may be a bit high for her.