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    6112s With Wheelers Springs - Good or Bad?

    I did install @ #6/4, but since I was replacing another aftermarket lift that was incorrectly installed, it actually brought the front of the truck down. So I'm not sure how much lift over stock was actually achieved. I can measure the distance from fender to hub to give you an idea, but with...
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    6112s With Wheelers Springs - Good or Bad?

    I've had a set on my fourth gen v8 4runner for the past three years, and really like them. So much so, that when I rebuilt the front suspension on my new to me 2000 Tundra I replaced them with the same. I fall into the category of set it and forget it, and I'm not interested in rebuilding...
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    Trail Boss expedition trailer for sale in OK

    Looks a lot like my Helder Packmule. Stout little trailer. Good luck with sale. Tor
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    Thoughts on this 4Runner?

    I guess weather the timing belt was done or not $6,000 OTD seems like a very good price, at least in my market. Take care and keep up with regular maintenance, and that truck should take you another 100k miles.
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    Thoughts on this 4Runner?

    Was the timing belt done?
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    3rd Gen. 4Runner - shock question

    It's the springs that are sagging.