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    SOLD: Overland Trailer with Rooftop Tent, Kitchen, & Solar

    Any idea what it weighs? Do you have a title for it?
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    Water purification, LED UV, specifics....

    I'm liking the looks of the CPC Colder LC series but the only sources I've found require larger quantities than I need. Do you know a good source for individual Colder fittings?
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    Water purification, LED UV, specifics....

    I'm reviving this thread since I am getting ready to construct a portable filtration/purification system. I'll probably go with 2 10" Pentek housings and 1 of the PearlAqua Micro units along with a pump and quick disconnect fittings. Any good suggestions for the quick disconnects?
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    SOLD: Custom Built Off Road Trailer - base shell

    What is the curb weight and what is the GVWR?
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    Axle Confusion

    If you want brakes, you'll probably need >= 3,000lb axle. I have a California Teardrops Krawler teardrop. The GVWR is <2500lbs but it has a 3500lb Dexter axle with electric brakes.
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    2013 SoCal Krawler extended 510 in Az

    Fortunately for me, I am the lucky new owner of Mike's trailer. I actually never saw the ad here for some reason but it was here all along. I didn't start seriously looking until maybe 4 weeks ago and found this on the Phoenix CL and bought it last week. I am going over everything now and...
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    Custom M116a1 Overland Adventure Camper for sale

    Is there room to sleep inside? One pic looks it shows a mattress in there. In any case, how about some interior pics?
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    Sold......Borderland Trailer $13,000

    Is that fully loaded (GVWR)? Or empty/unloaded? I'm near Albuquerque so not too far from you.