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    Tacoma GFC $1,200 (Texas)

    I dunno... Scs wheels, steel bumper and GFC and he doesn't know what he has? Plus Google voice number isn't confidence inspiring. Also, those images are definitely not from El paso.
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    Solar Power FAQ

    Are the links down for anyone else? I was really hoping to get my learn on :)
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    Critique my small tongue box solar setup

    I appreciate the response. With that being said, it sounds like I'm safe hooking up the battery tender as wired. I don't have load on my solar controller so that isn't an option but I'm guessing the solar controller would know if the battery depletes from usage wired otherwise. Any thoughts on...
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    Critique my small tongue box solar setup

    Here is a poorly drawn diagram of more of less what I have now
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    Critique my small tongue box solar setup

    Nearly done with it but I'm sure I'm leaving out a few fuses and want some suggestions on where they should go and what sizes. Also if you note (even though you guys hate them) I have a battery tender sae hookup on the side. Would this cause issues charging the batteries while I have a solar...
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    @Colorado Your setup will be very much like mine. Do you have any more progress pics/details?
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    "6mm" DC Output ports on many portable power stations

    What are your thoughts on using sae connections in place of the cigarette plugs?
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    Golf-cart batteries

    Don't judge me on my battery handles ?
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    Golf-cart batteries

    LOL well who better to answer the question than someone who had tested them over an 8 year period. I actually bought two last weekend and started to get them installed in my trailer tongue box. I appreciate your response after all these years and I hope they serve me as well as yours did for you.
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    Golf-cart batteries

    Did you ever get them? Did you have any issues. Also considering getting the GC2 for a small trailer setup.
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    part # of m416 u bolts

    Does anyone know the equivalent omix-Ada part number?