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    12 volt refrigerator

    A question for Darwin re: Northstars. We have an 850SC and I would like to make the same switch you did. How difficult was it to remove the original Dometic from your Adventurer? I seem to remember reading somewhere that the door frame has to be removed to get the thing out of the camper but am...
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    We used an Eva Dry EDV-1100 for a few years (until it died) and it did not seem to help very much. Is that the model you guys use; and has it helped? Thanks Chris
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    We have a Northstar 850SC and just got used to wiping the vinyl sidewalls down in the morning. We do not have the arctic pac or whatever NS calls the extra layer inside but sometimes use the 2 ft foil bubble insulation in really cold weather which fits perfectly around the bed area. Before this...
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    collapsing pop up methods...any good ones

    We have a Northstar and always keep the temp setting on the lowest (I never move it) so that it runs even in cold weather. In Southern Oregon at 10 degrees it still worked great- never have to tuck anything in with this method.
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    collapsing pop up methods...any good ones

    With Northstar campers the Fantastic Fan works perfectly to pull in the material. Once it is cranked down with the door and windows closed, it is easy to just jump out, close the door and latch it.
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    Sportsmobile vs. XP Camper -- Why the XP Camper Won For Us

    The XP is a really nice unit and has many things about it that look desirable (if we wanted to jump into that price range). The thing about the design that bothers me is the large opening to the elements on both sides of the soft top as the roof slowly raises. I watched the video on the OP's...
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    Is this a deal?

    Here is a used 2012 Northstar listed at $7900: I agree with the previous post. We looked at a Palamino before purchasing our N* 850SC and definitely made the right choice.
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    Self-serving pop-up TC thread

    We have a 2009 850SC and there are doors on both sides allowing access to the sides of the truck bed. It is very useful to have those areas available for storage although having the doors on the back of the 800 would be handy for long items. Ours is on a 2500 4x4 Silverado long bed so those...
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    fridge replacement

    Kevin, I am curious- were you able to remove the fridge from your N*800? What unit did you ultimately go with? We have an 850SC and I have wondered how easy (or difficult) it would be to remove the fridge. Thanks
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    Fold or tip out bed?

    The Northstar 850XB has the fold out bed along with the cassette toilet.
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    Metal-framed pop-ups other than FWC/ATC ?

    Our 2009 Northstar 850SC has plywood for the cabinets. I am not aware that they use any particle board. Everything seems to be holding up well.