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    Timbren axleless axle bounces around when towing

    How is it bouncing? Are you getting roll, sway, or hopping? What does it look like in the mirrors? I have their silent ride suspension (basically the axle-less that attaches to a standard trailer axle), and it is the smoothest towing trailer I’ve ever pulled. Mine is also the 2,000 lb springs...
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    Chassis Design

    People will disagree with me, but aluminum will crack over time given rough terrain (even washboard roads), and enclosed steel will rust out from the inside. Steel channel is the ideal frame material IMO, though it isn’t as light or torsionally stiff as other options.
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    After 8 years in a full size, moving back to a mid-size - Recommendations?

    Surprisingly, with all of these answers, I haven’t seen anybody mention this one yet… For towing a camper well + fitting in a garage restriction, for a retired couple… Why not get an extended cab F-150 rather than a crew cab? Still works fine for luggage/groceries/tools out of the weather...
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    Such limited 4x4 van choices with decent gas mileage (in the US)

    The Volkswagen transporter vans might meet your needs well. Tons of room, AWD available, 34 mpg (diesel), not available in the US but available in Mexico.
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    LR3 suspension fault normal mode only

    GAP will tell you, if you can follow basic logic. Mine was a dying compressor.
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    Versatile off road open utility/camping trailer build

    Trailer use update, while I still haven’t finished it, it’s been working out awesome, for every intended purpose. Hauled a bunch of bikes up to N Georgia for 4th of July, nothing moved or came loose, and it was easy to get on/off. I also purchased a used 660 lb table saw for my cabinetry shop...
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    Versatile off road open utility/camping trailer build

    I’m pretty pleased with it so far. #1 it does seem silent, this trailer sees dirt road/off road use and there’s nothing like squeaking/banging/jerking to kill the solitude of a nice ride through the forest. #2 it does seem to ride really soft and smooth. A lot of the time this trailer will...
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    Pulling an 8000 lb trailer off-road

    I’d wager the older engines will do better at getting a heavy load moving from a stop in sand, while the newer tiny twin turbo engines will do better pulling through a mountain pass at highway speeds. Towing that much weight “off road” isn’t going to be any fun, or a good idea IMO. Plenty of...
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    For packing clothing...

    I like North Face Base Camp duffels personally. They are tube shaped, compressible, have backpack straps for occasional carry when your hands are full, and tend to not get snagged on things. They aren’t a true dry bag but are durable and water resistant. Downside to some would be lack of...
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    Welding Square tube to Square tube

    At 10 degrees I’d just let the back side of the angle overhang and burn it in. You’re going to melt through most of that material anyways.
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    NT 5X8 Aluminum Trailer?
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    NT 5X8 Aluminum Trailer?

    If you’re set on aluminum, you want it to be bolted together than welded, if it’s going to be used on rough roads or off road. Any trailer will flex, welding tends to make aluminum more brittle and I guarantee it will crack and fail at a weld. Guys even have this problem with duck hunting boat...
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    2012 Range Rover HSE Build/ Travel Write Up

    Good write up. I’ve often referred to Land Rover’s traction control as “black magic.” It’s crazy how well it works. A wheel spins half a turn, you keep a steady throttle, and the vehicle moves forward. Even climbing out of sandy ruts it’s just amazing. This is one of my favorite demonstrations...
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    2012 Range Rover HSE Build/ Travel Write Up

    I‘ve got to ask… Why have limb lifters on the D1 that will still catch/destroy the snorkel and roof rack lights. Form over function?
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    Versatile off road open utility/camping trailer build

    I used their 2000 lb silent ride suspension. It’s the guts of the axle-less suspension but you supply a standard 3500 lb trailer axle. I had a 4” drop one from another project that I rotated up for increased ground clearance. They also make the same setup with 3500 lb springs which is probably a...
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    Better overlanding 'truck' options in today's market for <$100K (USD)?

    It would seem like your considering aesthetics first rather than function. I like a good looking vehicle myself, but you need to define a purpose and then tailor it to that. Do you plan on living full time out of this thing? One month trips? One week trips? Off grid or city hopping...
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    2012 Range Rover HSE Build/ Travel Write Up

    Don’t forget you can swap the existing parts around to diagnose. If you have misfires and 5 and 7, and move those injectors to 1 and 4, and codes stay the same, the issue is coils, wiring harness, etc. If it follows, it’s injectors. I was fairly certain I had bad injectors in my LR3, turned out...
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    Looking for a MANUAL Range rover Classic

    There is an RRC Facebook group that seems to have a lot of activity
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    EDC onboard water system worth it?

    Thanks for the reply, not much input on this huh? Anybody have some type of onboard water setup they find useful outside of camping? Getting a start on the rear storage platform soon.
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    EDC onboard water system worth it?

    I’ve finally decided to build a rear storage platform for my LR3, primarily from getting tired of our GSP making a mess out of the front passenger seat. It will be split down the middle into left and right sides, and designed to be easily removable to haul larger items (one of the reasons I’ve...