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    Source for lifting roof actuators?

    600 Kg seems largely enough to lift a rooftop with reasonable dimensions. The system is really reliable and can work manually with crank, or by using a cordless drill. An affordable alternative option could be pneumatic cylinders actuated by air compressor (but without any manual option...).
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    Source for lifting roof actuators?

    Some of european self builders use hydraulic systems from Ergoswiss :
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    Slide in Camper Survey

    I clearly had a look at the pictures, but what I asked is about the CAD file of the complete structure (exactly the one used for rendering, for instance).
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    Slide in Camper Survey

    Really interested on ! Could you provide the 3D file of the assembly according to each kit ? It could be great, in order to facilitate the interior furniture design and equipment integration.
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    Your argumentation is perfectly clear and right, and I can make it mine. I am impatient to read the next to come...
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    What you say about regulation is right for France as well, concerning such slide-in removable camper. My concerns were not only about respect of overall dimensions, but regarding the secure use of this pretty large assembly on road. Suspension airbag could be an hazardous solution, especially...
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    Yet Another Camper Homebuild Thread

    I have just discovered that very impressive post today. Congratulation about the great work you do on this huge construction. Don't you have any concern about regulatory aspects ? This camper seems much larger and heavier than the Ford Ranger is able to support...
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    Russia. Republic Altai. 2019

    Thank you Alekseï for these very inspiring pictures. It is my dream for years to travel beyond Oural...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    Hello, Nice final swiss touch ! Could you let us know the Pantone or RAL color paint reference ?
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    West of Europe, 66° north

    Hello, please find some pictures from our two weeks trip in Iceland two years ago, when travelling was possible...
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    Mercedes 1222A.. The beginning!

    Cable wire pass through to lift spare wheels ?
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    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    Hello, as a design engineer with deep practice in patentability, and as far as I know about the french history of this first generation specific folding top roof, I am not so sure you could consider be totally free to operate.
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    Fuso SRW options

    I was in Abenteuer Allrad in Bad Kissingen Germany last week, and I can confirm it is the brand new 2019 Iveco Daily 4x4.
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    Très jolie casa...!
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    Vario project started

    Jostein, I had the great pleasure to see your Vario in reality. We were in the Norröna ferry when you embarqued at Torshawn, Faroë slands, and I saw again the truck on the petrol station in Egilstadir, Iceland, the day after. Unfortunately, the next time we have seen you was at the departure...
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    Something for you Syncro junkies..

    I used to have a look on campervan culture, time to time. I have just seen first part of your trip, but I really like this kind of cool trip. We were passing the arctic circle in the Lofoten isles region in july this year with our small camper truck, from France, and it is good to see again that...
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    Bed Liner Paint on Camper Body?

    Have a look on Uro-Camper :
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    hello from france whith iveco camper 10t

    Bonjour à vous les frenchies !