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  1. MDH33

    Solar Power FAQ

    Links all seem dead
  2. MDH33

    ExPo 60 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 1985 FJ60 blue metallic 2. Name of owner/screen name: Martin Huber, MDH33 3. How long have you owned your 60 series? Is this your first? Since 2013, second 60, had several 40's and pickups too. 4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage: 130k. 187k now. 5...
  3. MDH33

    1976 FJ40 barn find.

    A powerwasher and some baselining and you'll probably be driving it in a week or two. Looks complete, but crusty. Wouldn't scare me away if the price was right. Have fun! ;)
  4. MDH33

    SOLD: AT Combo Slide

    Why are you selling? looks like a really functional unit. Also would be interested if you were willing to ship it.
  5. MDH33

    Cruise Moab 2019

    See you all there. (y)I haven't been to CM in a few years since moving from Colorado, but this will be my 6th time I think?
  6. MDH33

    Latest Photo?

    Missouri River Breaks, Montana. August 2018
  7. MDH33

    Search for a 60......what do I look for, what to avoid?

    If you've never had an FJ60 before, be prepared for poor gas mileage and the slow lane. They don't like going above 3000RPM or 65MPH. 10-15mpg. This is coming from a long time Landcruiser owner of both 40's and 60's. I Love Them, but most folks used to modern vehicles will be terribly...
  8. MDH33

    Latest Photo?

    Camped at Lake McConaughey last week on my way to New Mexico. Nice and quiet in the fall, had the beaches to myself.
  9. MDH33

    Mounting a RTT to a standard model truck cap

    Ladder rack for all that stuff = Great idea!
  10. MDH33

    Mounting a RTT to a standard model truck cap

    I had my ARB RTT mounted on our Tundra with an ARE Z series topper and yakima rack for a few trips. It did flex a tiny bit when in use, but no damage. The only issue was that the yakima towers did loosen enough that on one occasion the whole assembly (towers, bars, tent) slid all the way...
  11. MDH33

    Temporarily removing second row seats?

    Buy an FJ60. When you fold the rear seat, it makes a perfectly flat, carpeted platform that is long enough for a 6' person to sleep on. ;)
  12. MDH33

    Latest Photo?

    I love this picture Mundo4x4Casa. Especially since Salt Creek is only accessible by foot these days. Cool to see a Cruiser in it's element "back in the day". I miss my FJ40's!
  13. MDH33

    CA -> UT -> CO (Warning: TONS of pictures!)

    Great report and photos, thanks for sharing! I miss CO and UT! Question: How did the fiberglass topper hold up to the RTT use? Any flexing/cracking?
  14. MDH33

    Latest Photo?

    Just got back from a weeklong trip circumnavigating Lake Michigan in my '85 FJ60. Here's a pic from one of our campsites in the U.P.
  15. MDH33

    Latest Photo?

    Pre-Cruise Moab camping.
  16. MDH33

    ladder extension for rtt? need one?

    I am running ~33" tires and an OME lift on a 60 and I do not need an extension for my ARB tent. I've run it on my stock Tundra with a topper and it did not reach. However, I just used a couple of rocks and it was fine. DIdn't see the necessity in buying the extension when there is usually...
  17. MDH33

    ExPo 60 Series Registry

    Thanks! They are 285/75R16 Nitto Terra Grapplers on 16x8 Aluminum wheels, not sure of manufacturer. I would prefer stock wheels and narrower tires with a little more bite to the tread, but these Nitto's sure do go down the road nicely.
  18. MDH33

    ExPo 60 Series Registry

    1. Year, model, color, etc: 1985 FJ60 Blue/Gray/Black 2. Name of owner/screen name: Martin/MDH33 3. How long have you owned your 60 series? Is this your first? Purchased this from a friend in 2013. Second FJ60 and have had several FJ40's. 4. Mileage at date of purchase and present mileage...
  19. MDH33

    Yaesu ft-2900

    I have both the 2800 and 2900. I had an FT8800 in my FJ40 and I felt it was just a little too delicate for that environment. A lot of dust and abuse and I wasn't really needing anything more than a standard 2M, so I swapped it out for the 2900 which is much more rugged and simple. It has...
  20. MDH33

    Land Cruiser Photos

    Bump. We need a few more FJ40's in this thread. :)