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    Adventure Trailer Horizon with Easy Awn RTT

    Trailing Arm Air Suspension I believe changed from TAAS-3 to TAAS-4 right around 2010. Are your shock and airbags one unit (TAAS3) or separate (TAAS4)?
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    Adventure Trailer Horizon with Easy Awn RTT

    Interested also. Year? Which version TAAS? Dirt or rust there on nose box hinge in pictures? Overall condition/ issues?
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    PRICE DROP FS: SIERRA 4x4 Trailer with RTT

    Interested Where is trailer though - location says Co Springs but listing says St George???
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    Australian Style Campers

    I get where you are coming from I agree the Aussie/SA style "Trailer tent" is very appealing. Kakadu bushrangers are the closet thing i've seen in US/CA but dont really integrate the systems (water, light, cooking) etc. like the southern hemisphere products.
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    SOLD - Conqueror Conquest for sale - SOLD

    Searching but not finding info on the www Whats that thing weigh? Tongue weight?
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    Anyone have any experience with Patriot Campers out of Australia

    Tazman you're getting a Patriot or something else?? Curious what, if any, changes you're having made to it for North America. Things like the changing the BMS to work on 110v (believe the standard Redarc is 220v only) for example. And how long did it take to organize and get here?
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    Kakadu Bushranger XT

    For my family of 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 large labradors we need more of a "trailer tent" as opposed to a "roof top tent" so I'm quite curious in Bushranger XT myself. Seems a few reviews out there suggest setup time and complication can be mitigated somewhat by adapting how much of the tent...
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    Anyone have any experience with Patriot Campers out of Australia

    Strange. Got back to me fairly quickly a few months ago. Bit under $5k to ship to west coast.
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    A trailer like this in the US

    Have you been in touch with them? They can get a Patriot to you in US.
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    Kakadu BushRanger 200/Camper 9 tent for sale

    Whats the difference between camper 9 tent and the zenith they now offer? Just the standard leaf spring axle not the Timbren upgrade?
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    4-Box OTS Trailer?

    AdventureHare, I agree with you. I've been thinking about doing exactly what you describe. I'm continually blown away by the number of folks on here with welding skills that can create a trailer frame from tube steel. Others like myself need to find a good base to build on. Even so it does...
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    Anyone have any experience with Patriot Campers out of Australia

    They sure look amazing. So much more turnkey complete than anything I've seen in the US. The integration, fit and finish seems to surpass anything available here and if I though it feasible (cost and logistics) i might even look at importing one