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    80psi Tire Options - 35" or 37", 17" rims, 3PMS

    The 37" Yokohamas I currently run on my ram 2500 with FWC are 65 max and I feel this is too much for most driving, even on the highway. 85psi on this size tire is unnecessarily high there are tires that take the load at lower pressures. Just ignore the idiot light on the dash and ignore the...
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    A Question for all You ExPo Vehicle Fabricators???

    Corten is not fool proof. I have seen it fail in harsh climates. The prerunner guys who live in the desert can just leave they're steel unfinished, I just painted my axles last spring and they are already showing rust. I live by the ocean BTW. I haven't checked the math but by the time you add...
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    We've been really digging our new project M. I've done some mods to it that have probably voided the warrantee so we'll see how that goes. Been getting out every chance we get and just finished two weeks in Utah then to Montana.
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    Best Solar Power Setup

    As said above there are a lot of variables but I'll tell you what another amateur (myself) has done. I have a FWC project m bare camper shell that came with some led lighting and a max fan. Since I acquired this I've added a 55l fridge, more lighting and several usb outlets. My power comes from...
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    preparing to relocate backup camera on Four Wheel Camper

    I am going to do this on my fwc project m and intend to mount it above the door because whenever I have bikes on the back the camera is totally useless. Thanks for the link to the relocation kit, I'm ordering one now.
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    D vs. E rated tires on F350 with Supertramp truck camper? Are D's OK to use?

    Here is my experience with my 2015 Ram 2500 diesel, I bought the truck new and immediately put a Carli pintop kit on and D rated Toyo mt 37x13.5x 18 tires. I have not had any issues with running D rated tires, I mostly run unloaded but 25% is towing a 9500lb trailer. The one thing to note is I...
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Looks like I'm a touch late with this but let me suggest one more, Sikaflex 1a. I build things from sheet metal for my day job and have glued much metal to wood and this is what works best. If your doing large panels use a toothed glue spreader to get the Sika even with good coverage and...
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    thanks! just finished it last weekend, I've been saving a warn 8274 that I built it for.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    Here's my full sized ford. It's my SWB trail truck, has Detroits front and rear with 4.10s, 3.8 Atlas and an NP 435
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    Synergy steering issues-4th gen Ram HD

    Does your adjuster sleeve have a slot milled in it to allow it to squeeze? could it be that the OP's adjuster is screwed in too far and not allowing the pinch bolt to squeeze the slotted adjuster? Just an idea but if that adjuster sleeve was all the way in the pinch bolt might have a hard time...
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    Synergy steering issues-4th gen Ram HD

    The pinch bolt on the drag link is only going to lock the outer adjuster so if the pinch on the knuckle side is holding the ball joint it won't be able to back out. If you can grab the drag link, pitman side and push/pull on it and notice movement (besides twisting on threads) between the outer...
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    Limited slip

    Nice, how was the install? I'm about to do a dana 44 this coming week and I'm a bit anxious about the difficulty and need for special tools.
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    RAM 3500 MegaCab Cummins/Aisin AEV XL on 40"s with iKAMPER RTT

    I'm curious why don't you want ARBs? I put them in my 15 at 5k miles and am having a few issues but I think to no fault of ARB. I did go with 4.56s and am pretty happy with that choice with 37s but think it'll be better with 40s if I can find the clearance.