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    FREE--- Cab steps for 2007-2013 Silverado/Sierra 2500

    I picked up a 2013 2500 Sierra extended cab and took off the factory side steps. FREE to anyone that would like them- Local pickup/ Santa Barbara, CA / Solvang/ Goleta...
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    Expo West! Who is going?

    Going with 2 other friends- Anyone know if there will be MOTORCYCLE DEMO's from KTM, Honda or ....??? Wanting to bring helmet, gloves and jacket if so.... Thanks for any info!
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    Ford SVT Raptor Wheels & BFG A/T Tires--CA

    I have a set of First Gen SVT Raptor wheels wrapped with 315/70/17 (35's) Load Range E, Date code 2018 with about 60% tread left. Wheels have operating Tire Pressure Sensors and are in excellent shape with SVT Center Caps... Located in Solvang, 30 mins North of Santa Barbara, CA $800.00
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    (SOLD) 2002 Dodge 2500 5.9 Cummins ($23k)

    Worth WAY more Bro... 2002 is the absolute best year for the Cummins...
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    SOLD : $13,100 / 2005 Suburban w/solar, fridge, camping conversion, awning, cargo pod, sink w/water

    parts are about as cheap as you can get... a new engine and trans would cost less than a 1/8 of some of these "OVERLANDER" rigs... lol
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    SOLD : $13,100 / 2005 Suburban w/solar, fridge, camping conversion, awning, cargo pod, sink w/water

    These are great trucks and this one is dialed in, can't believe it's still on here as this is about FUNCTION over posing... GLWS
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    ******SOLD*****16x8 KMC Anthracite 6 lug Alloys (GM/ Toyota) -CA Central Coast-

    I bought some super cool and very rare KMC alloys for a Tahoe that I restored and sold- New owner wanted it bone stock for a Bring A Trailer sale, so I kept these alloys and mounted the stock Chevy alloys. These are really nice, KMC now only makes them in a 17" and 18" size. They have less than...
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    1999 Dodge Ram w/ 2020 FWC Hawk & Custom Bed- $57.5k obo (Final Price Drop)

    The PERFECT set up... Well done. I had a 02 Cummins with a FWC and never had enough room to store ********...Always thought a contractors bed would be the bomb.
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    WTB Earthcruiser or similar

    ...."happy wife, happy life" We have been "overlanding" before "overlanding" became a thing (lol). and have woken up out in the middle of nowhere many mornings, but I can tell you that my wife was never happier than waking up at a special occasion Ritz-Carlton experience...!
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    WTB Earthcruiser or similar ^^^^That would buy A LOT of nights with the Wife @ any Ritz-Carlton in the world... LOL!!!
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    1994 full size Blazer lift and tires

    OBS Tahoe's are great rigs to take on trails- Rock crawling with Jeeps no, but if you like dirt backroads, Death Valley exploring, Baja trails a IFS with 33's and upgraded shocks, upgraded lockers and driving off road like your NOT running the Baja 1000, it will take you where you wanna go...and...
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    Ford E350 4x4 xL 7.3 High top

    I think you are correct- I talked to the owner, he is sorta on the fence about selling- I told him it's more like $58k- If someone is seriously interested, I would use the listed email address as a contact for info or making an offer...
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    Ford E350 4x4 xL 7.3 High top

    He's in the Santa Barbara, CA area...
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    ************ E-350 Ford Quigley Van with a 7.3

    Thanks- Updated with the correct 95,000 miles on the odo
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    ************ E-350 Ford Quigley Van with a 7.3

    A friend of mines van- It looks like an FBI SWAT response vehicle...! ------UPDATED with correction on Miles-----------
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    SOLD - 2014 BMW GS Adventure - LC

    I would offer to ride it back to where ever for the prospective buyer ( I have a 2016 GSA and have had 6 other GS' in the past)....
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    ***OFF-MARKET***Lifted 2008 Subaru Impreza-CA ***OFF-MARKET***

    Come on guys, starting a new project, this needs to move... :D Here's a pic of the engine compartment, I moved the location of the windshield washer box/ pump to the firewall. The other is the front tow hook that was added after the post...
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    ***OFF-MARKET***Lifted 2008 Subaru Impreza-CA ***OFF-MARKET***

    Subtle Solutions and various other aftermarket Subie suppliers make skids...It would also be easy to fab a few plates of aluminum up. As far as a low range or lockers, I couldn't tell ya. I CAN tell you that this will go on 90% of where you would take a camp trip through Death Valley, Coyote...