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    Trans Labrador Highway and other places of interest 2010

    Had to go back and reread this very memorable trip report. (y)
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    James Bay Road 6/23/07 - 6/28/07

    Really memorable trip report, I actually came back here just to post about this.
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    James bay trip ... with a little delay!

    Fantastic, thanks for posting
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    Newfoundland 2016 - Just the tip...of the iceberg

    Very cool trip. I'm going to bookmark this for future trip planning since you wrote it up with so much detail. Thanks!
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    The Map is Not the Territory: A Northern Maine Adventure

    Just wanted to say again how fantastic this trip report was. I read it way back in 2012 and it was so memorable I had to dig through a bunch of old threads just to find it. What an adventure.
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    Italy, Lago di Garda/Lago di Ledro

    Great pics of the lakes. That via ferrata route looks scary.
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    Notch Sessions (bikes, climbing, and jumping)

    gosh, that's amazing and terrifying! that sport takes guts
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    Off-Road and Adventure in Romania.

    that Dobrogea area is beautiful! Looks like upland Southern Arizona grasslands a bit. I had no idea anything like that was in Romania.
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    February 2016 Kel Suu, Kyrgyzstan Trip

    Fantastic pics and scenery from a much more exotic place than most of what we see here. Amazing!
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    5 Wheel Drive: Land Rover & KTM tackle the Gaspé Peninsula

    This was such a memorable trip report that it keeps popping into my head every once in a while, 6 whole years after i read it
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    Don't Throw Your Life Away - Battling Marine Debris from Alaska to Panama

    amazing imagery here. This is such a brilliant description, so evocative That's as far as I've gotten in the thread, obviously. looking forward to catching up
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    Adrift in Space

    Great trip report. Very true that you can slow down time by doing new/different/uncomfortable stuff. Very inspirational
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    Fantastic thread, what a great adventure. I read through the whole thing, even though it took a few months for me to get through it. Someone a few pages back said this was one of the most relatable trips they had read, I thought so too. I didn't see the offshore oil rig thing coming at all! That...
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    Southern Sierra Chimney Peak Byway

    Looks like a fun trip. I've camped at the Long Valley campground that you passed the turnoff to on the way to your lookout point. Great views into the Domelands.
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    Travels with Hadley

    I'm pretty sure I could place every single other California picture, but I can't place this one, even though I feel like I'll probably recognize it as soon as somebody tells me. Where is this one?
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    Adventures of My Life by Nikson

    Wow, amazing vehicle, amazing trip!
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    Candelaria Pipeline, Western Nevada

    Really interesting. I've driven by that area on NV 360 a bunch of times, but never turned off the highway.