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    Importing Leyland DAF T244 to USA

    I think in order to import it as an “rv”, you’d need to have the habitat mounted “permanently” to the truck prior to shipping. That said, buying a ratty old used caravan and bolting it on would probably satisfy the bureaucrats, although it would also increase your shipping costs, so maybe just...
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    DOT requirements

    Per Truck Camper Magazine, the following states are the only ones that require registration. Idaho Indiana Mississippi Nebraska Oregon Rhode Island Tennessee Utah Washington All those same states, plus Kentucky, require campers be titled...
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    International WORKSTAR 7400 6x6

    These have been for sale for a while. Another ad I saw a few months ago for these same trucks explicitly said they were for export only and could not be registered in the US or Canada. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    New Isuzu FTR with Cummins

    Which, of course, means that all the pertinent components are available from Isuzu…somewhere. Although I’m sure the components (and shipping from a market where they’re available) won’t be cheap, at least a conversion wouldn’t involve a ton of fabrication and re-engineering, although the...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Big van or small truck? Who knows, but this could be perfect for someone with fab skills and a taste for the obscure. 1953 Faegol COE Truck in Denver Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Forest Sevice Hotshot Crew Truck.

    The biggest challenge is that these boxes, like ambulance boxes, are designed to be very structurally rigid so that crew inside could (potentially) survive even a rollover. Slicing open the top would not only compromise that rigidity, it might make the whole thing fall to pieces, as I’d...
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    Jeep J20 advice

    If it’s a 75 or older, it’s emissions exempt in BoCo. If it’s newer, it only needs to meet standards at time of production, which were pretty lax for a truck in the late 70s. Parts wise, they’re a real hodge podge, with GM and Mopar transmissions, Saginaw steering boxes, and other weirdness...
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    ISO 86-91 Wagoneer Dana 44 for SAS Xterra

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    Firearms and Tribal Indian Land ?

    Generally speaking, concealed carry is essentially prohibited for non-members on most tribal lands. Some tribes have some reciprocity for state CCW, some restrict where one can CC, some outright prohibit CC, and a few outright prohibit non-tribe members from even possessing any sort of firearm...
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    Parts for 2017 Titans

    I expect that parts will trickle out as the truck sells more units. I got my 2017 Pro-4X in November and haven’t really customized it at all. On the other hand, there were a small but meaningful number of parts options for my 2015 Pro-4X. They’re never going to match what’s available for the...
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    Obscuring brake / tail lights with modifications

    All of these examples are reasons why I just added a dash cam to my truck. If I’m at fault in a collision, so be it, but if someone else does something unsafe/unlawful, I want to have evidence beyond my word. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Police in California and CCW Permits

    Perspective is everything. One could also say the other states are insane. You can buy bullets without a background check, but you can't buy a joint legally. :coffee:
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    New Radio For Titan

    I didn't have this issue on my 2015 Titan because they'd updated the dash to accomodate a double DIN unit from the factory and my 2017 has a head unit that meets my needs (for now). That said, your solution is easy and you've got a choice. The head unit install part is easy. Get the Metra...
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    Debating moving from a 100 series to a Titan Pro-4x

    Until about 3 weeks ago, I had a 2015 Titan Pro-4X. I can tell you it was a great truck in most ways. Mileage could be better, but it was a very capable truck I regularly took on fairly difficult trails here in Colorado. In fact, the only reason I sold it was that my local Nissan dealer made me...
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    Fair points. Honestly, there is no perfect engine, though I suppose the Toyota 22RE and the GM LS come close. As I get deeper into figuring out what’s involved, we may opt to go with a non-LR project, simply because the goal is to teach the kids stuff and this swap is getting more and more...
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    Actually, my reasons for choosing diesel (and specifically the TD5) have nothing to do with diesel being cool. [emoji6] One thing is that I plan to make my own biodiesel. I have a automated biodiesel processor I purchased cheap from a belly-up company at the height of the recession (they're...
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    Early Rover V8s are, like their Buick antecedents, incredibly simple. Late Rover V8s in late Series 2 Discos are like octogenarians on life support, with a brittle old heart propped up with lots of electronics. And, like a once proud athlete, they're not really competitive with other engines...
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    I feel like I've read about someone inexplicably doing that. And yes, the 6.2 is agricultural just hanging from a hoist. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    I've had the Rover/Buick V8 in two different Land Rovers. I most definitely DO NOT want that engine in anything. Ever. Clearly your experience with them has been different. For me, the diesel and manual ought to be a good fit, especially with the upgraded ECU and exhaust. I'm anticipating a...
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    So, I'm seriously considering coming back to the Land Rover fold after 10 years of being Rover free. I have an ambitious goal, but I also see this as an opportunity to introduce my boys to the joys of wrenching whilst leaving me with a fun rig that's comfortable. First off, a little context...