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    For Sale: ARB 2500 Awning

    I'm very interested if you can get me a shipping quote to 92351. Cheers
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    Engel Fridge 12v Norcold MRFT-630

    Did I miss your trip to so cal?
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    Arb Twin Compressor + Tire Inflator Kit

    Here are a couple pictures. Tank is in good shape, only superficial scratches and most of its scratches are on the decals. Has current hydro. Has the nice handle to protect the regulator, and a very nice high pressure coiled hose. You can even have the billet aluminium mount that is on it.
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    Arb Twin Compressor + Tire Inflator Kit

    If another deal doesn't work out, I also have a power tank that id be willing to trade, and I'm in so cal. I'll get some pictures.
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    Brand new 100 series/lx470 metal tech sliders

    Thanks for the pictures! Mine look like that only they have the full dimpled plates on top to make them a nice step.
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    Brand new bilstein 5100 shocks (2)

    Bilstein 5100 shocks. Part #24-185950 Brand new in box. Not sure what else these fit. I bought them earlier in the year for a 04 Yukon. $100 for the two shocks. Pics and a application guide on mud...these also would fit on my leveled 04 Yukon so I guess they fit more than what that guide shows...
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    Brand new 100 series/lx470 metal tech sliders

    I have a set of brand new Metaltech/outpost off road sliders for sale. These are the full dimpled version that they no longer offer. These are new and unused, raw metal. They will fit either with or without AHC. I have all the hardware as well. Located in so cal. These cost me I think 650 plus...
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    100 series brand new transfer case! Plus oem rear bumper and running boards

    Hey guys, I'm selling at brand spankin new oem transfer case for a 100 series, part number shows an lx 470 but I'm pretty sure it will fit a landcruiser as well, you should make sure. It's new and unused, the only issue is that the plastic clip for where the locker wire clips in is broken, still...
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    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    If available, ill take 2
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    2 7" Kragen 55w HIDs 4 LED Works Lights

    Ill take the LEDs.
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    Craftsman 180+ tool kit for sale.

    Where in Sd are you?
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    Fiberglass Pickup Shells or Possible Enclosed Trailer Bodies - TEXAS

    Heading to SoCal anytime soon? I want one.......
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    35x12.5x17" KM2's 60% tread life, 2 sets of wheels

    What size are these tires and wheels? Rim offset? Tread wear? Cheers
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    FP630 - EdgeStar 12V DC Portable Fridge / Freezer - 63 Qt.

    Interested in any sort of trade?
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    Full roof rack and ARB 2500mm Awning $180

    I dont want the rack but ill take the awning!
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    Garage cleanout

    Ill definitely take the awning! Im close by so I can swing by and grab it.