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    Local tire shops will not sipe used tires. They'll do new ones that you buy from them. Probably don't like hitting rocks with their tools. I've siped my own motorcycle tires using a hack saw with the blade ground to a knife edge. Didn't take long. You can do custom shapes. Usually, there...
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    American Expedition Vehicles calls this "most capable overlanding rig designed to date."

    Someone threw the catalog at it. The biggest news is, GMC makes a regular cab pickup!
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    Trestle 2022 Ram 3500 Cab/Chassis Build Thread

    I'm shopping for rear leafs for my 2023 3500 RAM C&C. My specs will be very close to yours. Where did you get them? I"m guessing Deaver. Part no. or other help on spec'ing them?
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    why I will only purchase OEM brake pads

    I'm on my 5th RAM with an 'exhaust brake'. I've never replaced brakes on any of them. One model after 175k miles still had 3/4 of the pad left. I tow about 1/5 of the time, camper 1/2 the time. The latest one will be interesting. Earth Cruiser TN running at 12k lbs, all the time.
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    2018 Earth Cruiser EXP

    Took delivery on the Terranova and the EXP is still available at Earth Cruiser. See the Video on the u-tube. Going to miss it. The EXP is just fun to drive.
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    Fiamma Awnings

    Since this is the motorcycle section I assume you have mounts for KTM's?
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    2004 KTM 950 Adventure (only 23,000 miles!)

    These are great bikes that can easily go to 120,000 miles. (Interested in the FMF's if you separate it)
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    2023 KTM 450 Rally

    You pretty much need to send KTM your racing resume to get one.
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    KTM 19/17 Wheels/Disks for 1x90, 790, 890

    These are great wheels to transform your Adventure bike into a 'Canyon Carver'. It will feel like a Super Motard. 10 minute swap over because it has everything. TCK70 tires, radial 110-19, 150-17. Rear is new, front has some wear. All floating disk brakes. All tone rings for the ABS (front...
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    Carli R1 springs RAM 2500 2014-up

    For a RAM 2500, 2014-up, Carli part no. CS-DMRC-14-R1 . Rear soft coil springs, 1500 loads, 1/2-1" lift. These springs rode great until I added more weight. I went to the R2 springs. Check with Carli or C&J for your app. In Corvallis, OR for local pickup. Price is half of new at $240...
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    What about the DEF system when you travel to Third World countries?

    There is also a pre and post sensor on the CAT that senses the exhaust. Your water injection would trigger a post-CAT event.
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    Fuso 4x suspension expert.......?

    Earth Cruiser is in Bend, OR. They swap all the springs and shocks for their builds. The result is tuned for the weight of their finished vehicles rolling at about 10-11k lbs. Might give them a call.
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    Trestle 2022 Ram 3500 Cab/Chassis Build Thread

    My 2015 RAM had 3.42 ratios, it was great when empty and running at low altitudes. Any significant load and altitude needed tow-haul and/or a limit to 5th gear. The new 2021 with 3.73 works much better most of the time, except 70 mph+ speeds are busy. It's a much better gear ratio. I'm...
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    two stroke oil

    My dad had an old Case tractor with a flat head that would always start and have a couple of sticky valves. Once hot it was ok. He stole back some gas that I had mixed up two stroke oil in and put 5 gallons in the tractor. He plowed a few acres so the engine was plenty hot. He never had a...
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    Earth-cruiser NPR 4WD drivetrain issues?

    Close, got a 21 RAM 2500 Cummins. Then installed a Carli 2.5 pintop. Shopping for a front locker.
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    Earth-cruiser NPR 4WD drivetrain issues?

    It's a Jeep thing means you'll put up with huge design and quality issues. This JK sold for about the same price as my 2013 RAM Cummins. The RAM was a modern vehicle. The Jeep felt like is was a 20 years older design. At 40k, after ball joints and radiator, the final jeep kill was the...
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    New 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel

    These are probably too stiff, but I did a Carli suspension on my 21 RAM 2500 Cummins. I have the stock springs, front sway bar and the Bilstien's. I also have the Carli R1 rear springs. I have the Carli R2 springs because I'm carrying a constant 1000 lbs in the back. The R1's will carry it...
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    2018 Earth Cruiser EXP

    Still available with many more upgrades.
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    Earth-cruiser NPR 4WD drivetrain issues?

    My 2017 FUSO Earth Cruiser steers very good. No wander, no yaw under braking, no yaw in dips. It only has a slight bump steer when going through a big dip with both front wheels. But, if you didn't have a hand on the wheel, you'd never notice it. No corrections needed. I've own many (over...
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    2018 Earth Cruiser EXP

    The air-con in the rear is directly under the bed, so you'll hear some compressor noise. It doesn't have a very long run time on batteries, maybe 4 hours with no sun. Its best used by running it as you drive to the campsite to cool the house, then run it until the sun goes down. OR - plug in...