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    Texas to Alaska to Texas. 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid driving on the Dalton Highway and the Dempster Highway. July/August 2023.

    Awesome pictures, thanks for posting. A lot of people say the dempster is actually better than the dalton, I think I would have powered through being right there. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
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    65 days of Canada - 22000+km's

    fantastic trip thanks for posting
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    Running Away with only 40hp: Failing to Find Myself Out West in an Old VW

    Amazing story and photos, thanks for sharing. Did I miss the back story on the VW?
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    East Coast Road Trip (April 21-May 8)&(June28-July18) through 32 US States with my 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid...

    Awesome trip, thanks for posting! Now you need to get Alaska. ;)
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    10,000km from Minnesota to Cabo and Back in the Green Machine

    Amazing trip thanks for posting
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    East Coast Road Trip (April 21-May 8)&(June28-July18) through 32 US States with my 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid...

    Awesome picture! thanks for sharing, do you have an instagram or anything we can follow along your adventures.
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    Away We Winnebago

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    My life is an adventure, 2000 Suburban is the vessel

    Awesome adventures, thanks for posting
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    Also did 5 days in the Upper Peninsula

    Awesome trip. Thanks for posting
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    A girl and a dog get into a 1978 Toyota Dolphin...

    Nice looking camper, any inside pictures. Enjoy the journey
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    #USAONDIRT a 5,000 Mile OffRoad Adventure Across America

    Awesome, I enjoyed what you posted from The last trip
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    The Grand Expedition Colorado to Alaska to Baja...

    Awesome, thanks for sharing
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    Weeekend Adventures(for now)

    Excellent pics. thanks for posting
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    Overlanding Mexico, Is anyone else out there?

    excellent thread. :ylsmoke:
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    Away We Winnebago

    amazing pictures. Also I think it is awesome you are boondocking in a big RV.
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    Heart of Adventure: Wandering in a Jeep

    I've been following on instagram, just subscribed to your youtube. Love your travels so far. I just bought a JKU and up to do some limited exploring myself. I'm blessed to be in the Shenandoah mountains
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    Duck Notes - Our Pan Am Adventure..... underway!!!

    dumb question, is quality diesel available thorough center and south America? love your setup.
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    All the way to the Arctic Circle in a 2003 Honda Civic!

    Awesome adventure. Be sure to post the rest of the trip!