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    2006 LR3 Head Gasket Issue

    I am in the process of having the engine replaced on my LR3. It will hopefully be completed this week. Four years ago I replaced the radiator and did not properly bleed the cooling system. I ended up overheating the engine to the extent that smoke came out of the exhaust. After changing the...
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    LR3 owners sound off, which tires?

    I bought a set of Nexen Roadian tires for my LR3 back in 2008. I don't remember what the specific model of Roadian it was, but they were not the AT Pro. The tires lasted 48,000 miles and at that point they were pretty much bald. In my opinion, they were not very good tires. During my time with...
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    CONFIRMED Ford Electrical Components for LR3/LR4

    DiscoDavis, do you have a part number for the coil pack? I've read that the Lincoln LS 8-cylinder coil pack might work for Jaguar AJ-V8 engines, but it seems inconclusive. I ask because I've had to replace two coil packs this years on my LR3. The first one I bought from the local Jaguar dealer...
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    LR3 thermostat housing assembly replacement

    I replaced my radiator earlier this year and wrestled with the bleed process. What I found that worked best was to: 1. Make sure coolant is topped off 2. Start vehicle and allow it to reach operating temperature. The heater does not need to be on. I believe the coolant circulates through the...
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    LR3 cracked dashboard thread

    Wow. It would be interesting to get the full story on what it took to make that happen, along with pictures of the engine bay and undercarriage.
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    LR3 Transfer Case front Output Shaft

    Getting to any of the transfer case seals requires removing the transfer case. Access to the upper bolts attaching the transfer case to the transmission is miserable. In comparison, opening up the transfer case is much easier. Once it's open, removing the shafts requires tool improvisation, as...
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    LR3 Air to Coil year later.

    I rebuilt my front and center valve blocks last year. Once you carefully undo the screws and open up the assembly, you'll find plungers with various size o-rings and and springs. I rinsed everything out with water and let it dry before reassembling. The center valve block also has a pressure...
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    LR3 Blew a Tire. Can I Get 2?

    Yes, definitely not a common thing. There is only one place in all of Los Angeles that does tire shaving. Interestingly, you can order tires from and they will shave them for an additional fee.
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    LR3 rock crawling carnage

    Perhaps some aspect of the polybush installation weakened the arm? People use heat to loosen stuck control arm bolts, sawzalls to cut out the bushings and then presses to shove the bushings in. Any of the those could introduce stress fractures that would then be worsened by off roading.
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    LR 3, Best power Steering Fluid

    I flushed mine about 35,000 miles ago with Pentosin CHF 7.1. I ended up using slightly less than 2 liters. It's been two and a half years, and no problems yet.