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    2016 Tacoma TRD Offroad 4x4 Access Cab, 94k - $26,500 in NC

    3.5 V-6 gas engine, 6 speed automatic transmission, 6’ bed. Original owner, clear title in hand. Truck was purchased with exploration in mind while carrying a 4 Wheel Camper and has numerous upgrades: 4.88 Differentials installed by ECGC including Harrop front e-locker as well as stock rear...
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    SOLD: 2020 Four Wheel Camper Fleet Front Dinette

    Camper is now on consignment at Mainline Overland in Charlotte.
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    SOLD: 2020 Four Wheel Camper Fleet Front Dinette

    Yes it is still available. I live about 10 miles west of Chapel Hill so let me know if you would like to visit. Right now I'm available anytime tomorrow and Sunday morning. I currently have a commitment Sunday starting around 11 am but can change it if I need to. James
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    WITHDRAWN : 2016 Tacoma TRD O/R Access Cab with 2020 FWC Fleet

    I responded to your DM, the truck is automatic.
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    WITHDRAWN : 2016 Tacoma TRD O/R Access Cab with 2020 FWC Fleet

    Truck has just returned from five weeks of exploring in the northern Rockies and it performed flawlessly. It has 78,000+ (driven regularly) miles and is in very good condition with numerous upgrades. I'm the original owner located in Chapel Hill, NC and have a clear title. 4.88 gearing by East...
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    What's a great fan for sleeping in warm weather in RTT or Camper?

    Similar to jgaz post, I have a DeWalt fan which is a 20V and uses batteries from my impact wrench and chainsaw. I can typically run it two nights on one charge which is done off the stock Toyota inverter as I drive.
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    Tire Options

    Spent 40+ years as a tire dealer, lots of good tires now but the Michelin LTX is still at the top of the heap. phsycle said it in the above post.
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    Hema Maps

    +1 on Gaia
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    2018 FWC Fleet Flatbed $30,000. Basically new.

    Interested in truck and camper, just PM'ed you.
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    Concrete slab thickness for vehicle lift? (And some great concrete suggestions!)

    All good advice above. If you know exactly where the lift will be situated, it's simple to do a 3' x 3' pier under the posts that is a few inches deeper than the rest of the slab and you will have cheap insurance.
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    SOLD - Rhino-Rack BATWING - Brand New in Box (N.C.) $525

    Interested but out of town for a couple of months. I'll follow and get in touch if you still have it once I return.
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    Back at ya!
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    Due to some health and mobility issues I'm selling my GFC. New in November 2018 it's only been used 10-12 times. This unit will fit Gen 2 and 3 Tacomas with a 6' bed. Different mounting brackets would be required for a Gen 1 Tacoma. The colors are black with gray tubing, no windows. Accessories...