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    2021 F150 vs F250

    I recently went from a Silverado 1500 to a F350. I routinely put 1500-2000 lbs in the bed for work, the Chevy handled that with no problems but it looked and drove like it didn't like it if you know what I mean. The F250 was my first choice but I found a 350 for the same price with the options I...
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    Do you regret buying a base model truck?

    I'm with the base model crowd. I had a very nice 4runner but with dogs and living on a dirt road I felt compelled to wash and clean too often. Also I never used many of the great 4x4 features it had. I bought a 2019 Chevy 4x4 work truck. It is a 19 but its really a 18. I think they call it...
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    Build camper using ladder rack as a frame?

    Seems like a good starting point to me.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Thats what its all about, having a great camping trip with your kid. Is that a heater attached to the bed rail?