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    Hallmark Truck Camper Company files for bankruptcy

    Wishing the employees and owners of Hallmark all the best. We have enjoyed our Milner and hope to order a new Hallmark in a few years as I near retirement.
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    Flatbed Camper for Mobile Laboratory and Fishkill Response Truck. Suggestions Appreciated.

    I would call Drew at Bison Overland. No doubt they can supply what you need and I’m thinking they might be more flexible than some.
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    Any pop-top truck campers with sitting room inside WHILE the top is down?

    The Supertramp Campers have a shaped roof and they seem taller inside with the top down. Not sure if that is true.
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    Does Anyone Actually Use Their House Water for Drinking?

    We do every year. Bleach at beginning of the year and just bleached and drained for winter. We only refill with our house water just because our east coast trips are usually no more than 4 days. I had water tested twice in the past and it was fine.
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    Southeast Camping Adventure with the Family

    Thanks for the write up. We love our Gazelle tent and I did love the Gladiator until it went to Jeep heaven. I am hading to Bryson City in May. We you at a campground there?
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    Enduro Campers - New Composite Wedge Camper

    Sean I would be interested in a SuperTourer thread. I sent you an email via your website expressing interest in possibly being an early customer for a SuperTourer. Let me know if we can connect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Supertramp camper

    I like their design. For cold weather camping in a pop top, it seems like a really good option. I’m a huge Hallmark fan for cold weather and their units really hold up well.
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    Supertramp camper

    I plan to visit them later this month when I am in Colorado.
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    2005 Ram 2500 Cummins 5.9 Manual with Hallmark Guanella 8'

    I would be interested in the camper only if you separate
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    2020 Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) CAMP-X pop-up slide-in pickup camper (renamed "Back Country" as of 2023)

    This post has been so helpful.....I am thinking this is the last question before a purchase. We will be doing a fair amount of cold weather camping mostly at ski resorts. We have pricing for an in stock camper but when my wife saw the fridge delete photo above, she said, "Can we do that" We...
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    2020 Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) CAMP-X pop-up slide-in pickup camper (renamed "Back Country" as of 2023)

    Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it. And yes, you were right, 2021 vs 2020.
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    2020 Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) CAMP-X pop-up slide-in pickup camper (renamed "Back Country" as of 2023)

    Thanks all for contributions to this thread. It has been very helpful as we get ready to pull the trigger on a Camp-X. Other than the changes to the propane bottles, what is any difference is there between the 2019 and 2020 models? Thanks….joe
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    Custom Bison Overland Camper 8’ Flatbed.

    You guys still have the shell?
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    Sold: XP Camper Truck Tray/Flatbed

    Did this sell?
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    XP Camper on 2016 F350 4x4 Diesel Platinum

    Thanks for the information. This is exactly what Robert said. I just called two more title transfer shops in PA (not AAA) and received the same answer. Unless Robert is a car dealer, he cannot transfer title without first reissuing new title in CA in his name. He does not need to register...
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    XP Camper on 2016 F350 4x4 Diesel Platinum

    This is a great rig and Robert has been really great to communicate with. I am posting this here to ask for help and maybe to also add some information for others who might want to buy XP camper. I have admired these vehicles from afar for a while. We are not retired but enjoy travel and do...
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    RSI Smartcap 6.5 ft $3000

    Really fair price. I love my SmartCap...GLWS