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    Rocksea - EarthCruiser CORE Total Composites Build

    This is an awesome build. I know I'm getting to this a little late, but I'd like to throw in a recommendation regarding the 24x32 wet bath. That being: completely scratch any indoor shower. Keep the toilet, of course, but just get yourself a nice outdoor shower. Reasons: Showering inside a...
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    Kenworth K370 6X6 with BoxManufaktur Habitat & Torsion Free Subframe

    Wow. That picture taken earlier this month, where it looks like they (Tulsa?) are showing you the bed features, is impressive (photo name: 20210807_101042.jpg). I hope you get another picture--after everything is put together--with the same amount of torsion on the vehicle. It'll be very...
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    WTB Family Size Overlander For Four

    Have you considered:
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    2019 Overlander (Unbound Freedom) $210k CAD

    Yes, I'm pretty sure they are made in Yakima, Washington. I've been looking at them for quite a while. I love the layout. Glad to see some "in the wild."
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    SOLD! 2017 Kenworth/GXV Patagonia 4X4

    That is an awesome rig. GLWS. For folks interested in the chassis:
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    1994 Stewart Stevenson, New Jersey, $8K (used as snow plow)

    At this price, you could just find a small travel trailer, pop the axle off and drop it on the bed for a super cheap overlanding vehicle.
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    GovPlanet has 24 Tactical Vehicles for sale. Some being auctioned today (Nov. 6). Most in Hawaii or Missouri.

    Nice. Also, you can drop one of these on: Or, do it yourself like this guy:
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    GovPlanet has 24 Tactical Vehicles for sale. Some being auctioned today (Nov. 6). Most in Hawaii or Missouri.

    There are a variety of Stewart & Stevenson vehicles available. I've never bought anything from govplanet, so I'm not even sure how it would work--but for someone who wouldn't mind putting some work into an older vehicle, this might be quite an...
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    2 Portland, OR finds: Fuso 4x4 w/camper ($80K) and 2015 Malayan TIGER 4×4 ($136K)

    This is an interesting set up: 12K miles is basically new for a 6.7 ltr Powerstroke Turbo V8 Diesel:
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    2005 Chevy C4500 Duramax 4x4 Motorhome Las Vegas area

    Jowens59, Did you guys ever close the deal?
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    4x4 Chinook Glacier

    $98K? You could buy a brand new Thor RV and have the guys at QuadVan convert it to 4x4 for that much.
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    2012 F-450 4x4 flatbed, 200K miles; Florence, South Carolina, Auction 5/23/2019

    Auction starts at $6K. Lots of other vehicles in the same auction--be sure to check their location since they are all over the US.
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    2004 F-350 4X4, started conversion, still pretty bare; Portland, Oregon. $8.5K

    A lot of storage already due to utility boxes. Could be an inexpensive way to get a nice vehicle.
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    1995 4x4 Chevy Tiger in CO for $18,500

    Ad has been deleted now. However, if you search for "tiger" you get two different results. Both with their own advantages/disadvantages:
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    4x4 GMC 3500 crew cab box truck; Portland, Oregon $45K

    Somebody could make this into a pretty sweet camper.