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    REDUCED PRICE - 2020 Patriot X3 Off-road Camper (Bend, OR)

    I saw this beauty at the Overland Expo PNW today. Pat was generous enough to show it off to me despite the fact I told him right away I couldn’t afford it at the moment. I can attest this X3 is in excellent condition as described and it is packed with all of the desirable options. Thanks...
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    ‘19 Tacoma supercharged Icon suspension

    Beautiful truck! No pics of the blower?
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    Got Scammed by SAMUE

    Yea, as others have mentioned, this has become a very popular scammer method. Another thing that can help is have the seller send pics of the item with a handwritten note in the pic stating their username and today’s date. Also request pics at various angles that may not be readily available...
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    Schutt Industries - Xventure Owners

    Thats bizarre. I have a 2015 and my latches are in great shape. Nothing under normal use should bend those and their sole purpose is to hold the tailgate closed, which doesn’t require heavy duty brackets. It appears one of the previous renters must have done something to cause them to bend...
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    Schutt Industries - Xventure Owners

    I have a 2015 XV-2. It has the older design, dual 11-gallon water tank rather than the 22 gal single tank they offer now. When I have used a little over half of the water in the tank, I have to either refill the water or Jack the front end of the trailer up to make it so the pump can pickup...
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    XVenture XV2 $18,900 OBO /// Sold!//////

    Awesome trailer with some tasteful upgrades. I love mine! People will probably want to know model year and where you’re located. I see your profile says Santa Barbara, CA but listing in the ad may be beneficial. Good luck with your sale! Here are the photos for the OP. A couple said they...
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    Sold: Tucson, Arizona: RhinoRack Foxwing Tapered Side Walls

    I’ll take these per our comms. PayPal sent.
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    Schutt Industries - Xventure Owners

    The previous owner of mine used Rivnuts to mount it directly to the bed. It’s an ARB 63qt. And I have a 2015 XV-2. It’s solid after several years of use. The original owner talks about the fridge slide and mounting bed tracks in this thread (Posts #126 & 127)...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Here is my 2015 Xventure XV-2 being towed by my 2013 Toyota 4Runner. Bought the trailer used earlier this year and it’s been awesome! Just got matching wheels/tires, threw on my ARB RTT, and upgraded the battery to an Odyssey.