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    Have 24k miles on my Falken AT3Ws, 31570/17 E, some hellacious ”ranch roads”in NM as well as snow,slush and ice. Zero complaints. On a F250. Need a new set of tires on a raptor, have gone thru 2 sets of KO2s in 144 k miles, trying to decide which to buy. Have also thought about the MT 255/85/17...
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    Anyone running a Supercab Raptor?

    No lack of towing power with my 6.2, son has a 2022 SCrew raptor also has plenty of tow power.
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    Anyone running a Supercab Raptor?

    I own a 11 SC Raptor(original owner) 144k, and a 20 SC F250, Raptor is wider and shorter than the f250. Feels more maneuverable, is lower to the ground. Took it once on a goat hunt on blm trails, pinstripes buffed out, next time used it to tow a ranger for the narrow stuff. Keep thinking about...
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    After 8 years in a full size, moving back to a mid-size - Recommendations?

    Ford built a F150 supercab 5.5 box truck thru mid 2020. All were Raptors, are available on the used market, some with very low miles as are garage queens. Mine is an ‘11 with the 6.2 V8 and tows 4k in the mountains like nothing is behind it. 11.2 mpg towing in the mountains. Went up Monarch pass...
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    Buiding a passthrough from truck to camper?

    Spoke with guy in Key West who bought a Class C e350 motorhome about 21-22ft body with a bad engine, removed the body and installed on a F350 CC, removed rear window and cut the cab rearwall to the floor and sealed the two, looked like a factory rv. Was a crewcab, used bucket seats in the...
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    RLD designs gladiator cap

    Still available?
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    2000 Ford F450 7.3 Diesel 4x4 w/ Kodiak Camper and Garage $22,500

    Any other way to view the photos, will not give google permission to access all my photos.
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    New Bronco

    12.5k miles in 6 months, couple of road trips with 900 mile interstate days. Wildtrak/Sas, no power complaints, could cruise at 90 all day. Drove from Ft Laud to Texas last 2 days, 17 mpg ran around 80 entire trip. My add ons in order daily use 1. IAG front door pockets 2. IAG sill guards 3. IAG...
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    Goodyear G275 MSA Tire Balancing or Shaving

    Work fine in my F250 since Nov 2020. Truck sits for months in a storage unit then taken out for couple thousand highway and blm road miles so if clumping would occur would think I would have an issue.
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    Goodyear G275 MSA Tire Balancing or Shaving

    Bought a set of Method 17” wheels for my F250 after being assured by Method would fit, test fit wheels no problem so mounted the tires and balancing weights hit the front calipers. Shop was a heavy truck shop, suggested beads. Installed the beads, 21k on the tires now, perfect wear pattern...
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    Ranger 2.3 Engine Replacement

    Ordered a new Ranger last night, sales rep went to input into Fords ordering system, won’t accept the order. Notice from Ford says entire engine production being diverted for engine replacements. Notice says defective tool at engine plant incorrectly machined area of rear main seal for...
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    New Bronco

    Got my WT Sas the end of November, have put 4800 miles on it since delivery. Texas to IL, Tx to Ks. Had a 2013 JKUR, son has a 2022 4Runner TRD OR. I have 2011 scab Raptor. Highway driveability is very similar to the Raptor. The 4Runner has less wind noise but the handling and power of the...
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    Kanes, little more money lots more shoe same concept
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    Is there an "ultimate" tablet for Gaia/GPS?

    Manufacturer of the above mount, please?
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    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    At age 68, I walk 5 miles a day and spend an hour a day riding a mtb, while residing in coastal Texas I have never had an encounter with an ebike. In contrast, following the same exercise routine in Key West last year I experienced on a near daily basis reckless riders of ebikes. Having ebike...
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    Simple rims for modern full size trucks?

    Thats why the flares are on mine. 0 offset 4.75” backspace, no rubbing. Method no longer lists a 701 non hd but the 703 is currently listed,looks the same.
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    Simple rims for modern full size trucks?

    I put 17” Methods with Falken 315-70-17 tires on my 2020 F250. After the tire shop mounted and drove around the block, had a clicking sound from the front due to a tire weight. Shop could not place the weight to avoid the caliper so they replaced the weights with beads, have driven about 16k...
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    2020+ E350 SMB vs F350 ext cab Flatbed Popup Truck Camper

    Or a 2022-3 E350 C&C with Unicell fiberglass box and Ujoint conversion. By the time you are done cost exceeds the F2-350 and camper. I like the truck as you can upgrade with a new truck with little hassle.