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  1. J

    RTT recommendation for family of 4

    I'm thinking about this set up for my toddler and 4 year old. DO you like it? there is one for sale for 1300 in my area.
  2. J

    I'm looking for something like the intech explore but under 94 inches tall for mostly family camping.

    I currently have an awesome Aliner. We love it. But, want something that can fit in our car port and be able to have easier access to stuff. The intech explore is enticing because I am cyclist, and can use it for other things. I like it's minimal nature and the double tip out. I've got two young...
  3. J

    Bike carrying options over a tonneau for a Tundra?

    Thinking about drilling into one and putting a fork mount into the tonneau. What are your solutions?
  4. J

    Two adults, a 14-month-old, and small dog get out of the heat trailer ideas?

    We went with an Aliner! It's been a game changer. Check out Aliner family camping (or something) on facebook.
  5. J

    Nobo 10.6 vs InTech explore

    Personally, I'd go with two tip outs to maximize space. But, I ended up going with an aliner and love it.
  6. J

    Im kinda disabled, kinda

    Disability is sort of a spectrum. Very few people are totally disabled. It's okay to be "kinda" disabled!
  7. J

    Two adults, a 14-month-old, and small dog get out of the heat trailer ideas?

    Hello, My wife and I are currently brainstorming rigs and set-ups. We live in Phoenix, which is beautiful this time of the year, but a hot hot hot hell hole from end of May to middle of October. My wife and I felt very cooped up this past summer. So we're thinking of getting a set up that (a)...
  8. J

    Nobo 10.6 vs InTech explore

    How much would y'all pay for lightly used explore?
  9. J


    I love herbal teas because I'm sensitive to caffeine. Right now, I really like the Tazo peach tea, you can sometimes get at Starbucks. I also like iced tea.
  10. J

    What to look for in a pop up?

    What trailer are you gonna use?
  11. J

    Sold Pending Funds - 2017 VRV Flyer - Phoenix, AZ - $7800

    I'm pretty interested. I want an Intech Explore. We have an 9-month-old and were struggling about what to do with him. Do you have ideas?