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    Electric Chain Saw

    I have had the 36v Makita saw for about 3 years and carry it in a canvas bag inside the canopy It has been used a lot and leak leak any oil so would be happy to stow it anywhere
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    Help troubleshooting my 12v system please

    Charge your starter battery and leave it disconnected from the system to see if it holds charge, a good chance it is done and the solar panel has been hiding that up until now
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    Air compressor question

    From recollection the ARB twin is a 100% duty cycle. The other good feature with them is they are two independently wired single compressors joined with a manifold so if one were to fail you still can use the compressor
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    DIY Fridge slide build - 1/16" aluminum angle iron strong enough?

    If you get this style of runner you don’t need any angle just a ply base...
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    Add water tank gauge?

    At the tank outlet fit a tee piece and add clear hose tubing up the side of the tank to sight the water capacity
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    Electric Chain Saw

    I have a Makita 2x18v saw and love it . I also have two larger Stihl petrol saws for bigger jobs but the Makita is still a fine saw and would buy again without hesitation
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    WTB: 200 series rear bumpers/front bumpers

    I don’t know how it goes over there but here the bin at ARB is full of brand new bumpers from fitting bullbars. That is where mine is
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    The long slow FG build!

    I would rather bed them in a polyurethane adhesive like Sika or Simpsons. Primarily because it will prevent rubbing between the two surfaces or rattling later on but also it will be so much easier. If you think it needs more bonding surface contact you could cut some flat bar and fit like your...
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    FG637 Camper Build

    Righto, makes more sense now. I am looking to start a build soon with a single cab. Am heading up to ATW to have a closer look in the next couple of weeks Love to see a bit more information on where you are heading with this build.
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    FG637 Camper Build

    Nice I will be watching this build with interest. Have you designed your kinetic frame yet?
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    How to trickle charge starter battery from house battery set up?

    The manufacture of my Lithium battery does not recommend me connecting any other battery with it other than another identical one. They don’t even recommend a different size lithium of their own brand can be connected to it. I know this because I wanted to increase my capacity and they were out...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Just FYI I haven’t tried it myself but others who are interested in them are saying 110-120k AU when you spec one up on our local configurator. A bit of coin to drop on an untested vehicle
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    Shower water heater

    We spend most of our time in remote desert country, so are usually using water from a jerrycan
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    Custom Fuso FG 4x4 Expedition Truck For Sale $250,000CAD

    Very nice setup, can I ask where you got the cab pass through from? I am looking to do the same
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    Shower water heater

    We heat water on the stove and use a collapsible bucket with one of these Companion rechargeable showers...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    One very positive attribute of the Gren is how they have made there parts and service support information available to everyone so you are not at the mercy of getting to a dealership to sort an issue like you are with say a ND. That may not be a big deal for some but it is gold for other users.
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    Hook Vs Loop?

    I just use the factory hook that came with my Warn winch. Wind it in up snug to the hawse and have a cable tie on it to hold it in neatly A shackle is then used as a universal connection to anything else
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Yes the Ineos would need to prove itself before I would get onboard with them but I know other experienced overlanders, one with a LC200 that is interested in one as his next vehicle. The biggest design concern raised is their small fuel capacity and no option for a long range tank and the lack...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    It depends a bit on what terrain and where you intend to go. IFS is better mannered on road but solid axles are more robust and give you better articulation offroad and generally more robust. Speaking as a LC79 owner driving the Australian outback. Apart from costs, do you think the solid axles...
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    Is the roof tent trend over?

    You forgot Ease of use Bed is always made ready to go Freed up storage space inside your vehicle that currently has your tent and all your bedding in it Much better air flow in hot climates Out of the snow or mud in cold climates Not having to stow a wet tent in your vehicle The view from bed...