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    SOLD 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser - 26k Miles

    If I didn’t already have a low mile 2019 I’d be all over this. Perfect OEM+ build, well done.
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    those of you looking for a rear drawer system.

    Couldn't agree more, love my ADGU drawers/sleeper platform.
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    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    Hey @rocco89, not sure what kind of vehicle you drive, but I'm putting money down on an aftermarket bumper that has a second hit on the swing out for bikes. I didn't want them on the roof of either the LC or the trailer so this seemed like the best solution. I've seen the other trailers setups...
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    2021 Patriot Campers X3

    Is this still available?
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    2021 Turtleback Expedition T3 for sale!

    What’s the overall height on this with tent and 35s?
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    Sent you a message
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    2016 Toyota Land Cruiser, Full Overland Build, 89k miles $79k (bumpers, LRA tank, sliders, etc.) - SALE PENDING

    This is a beautiful build, now if only I could get someone to overspend on my Tacoma...
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    I'm pretty interested in this, I'm planning to get my built Tacoma listed soon and would be building something similar. With all of the supply delays, buying this would be far easier!
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    Considering a Go-Fast Camper - Interested in real world experiences and reviews.

    The excessive wait is the only reason I’ve held off on ordering... any indication as to how far out your build is?