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    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Well he knows the rules...and his cell phone he literally throws in the back when he drives.. .as for the are too important. Realistically it is not going to get oversized tires or a giant lift. He will get GOOD rubber, and the suspension/steering will all be refreshed (if it is...
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Well folks thanks for the info. I am going to look at securing a 4.0L WJ do a full suspension refresh (maybe lift) and a bit of armor....Try to make it "Kid" Proof
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Good day folks, Figure I would pick the brains of the Expedition Portal group (Experts in Jeep and not) in regards to picking up a Jeep Grand Cherokee for my Son's first "Rig". He has his heart set on a Jeep Grand Cherokee...and we have been discussing the 1998-2007 years. Once we get it...
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    Herbie's F150 + FWC Flatbed

    Wow, nice Looking rig. Besides the custom leaf pack have you beefed up anything else to help deal with the likely fact you will likely always run over weight? 2200lb Payload Minimum 300lb weight for tray 1325lb Dry weight for Camper 166lbs for the 20G of water 1791lb total weight 409lb...
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    Shipping overseas 4runner vs GX470

    Depends on what you consider cheap
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    Hourless Life: Documenting Our Global Overland Adventure

    Congratulation, on oh so many things... Few are lucky to Be this fortunate. Will be following along as much as I can.
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    Long and high roofed sprinter 2011 build by LP CUSTOM

    Seems to be going good, and it looks like you scored a good deal. I live in PEI and am having a hard time, ecspecially with Covid, even finding a suitable van. Good luck, I’ll be watching for sure
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    Vehicle choice...

    Definitely a lot of information and good information to boot. Gonna be reading for a couple more days
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    Vehicle choice...

    I feel in tune with what Furaites is saying. We do not want AC, we do not want TV’s(or DVD players or satellite), or microwave. We want space and Comfort...
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    Vehicle choice...

    Thanks for the input folks. I am going to continue down the Daily line I think. Please feel free to input any other information.
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    Vehicle choice...

    Good day Folks...long time lurker. So me and my best friend have dreamed of seeing the world at our leisure. With Covid keeping us both home from work, and with a decent nest egg saved well we thought now is a good time to start. We are both in our late 40’s and do not picture us spending...