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    Adventure Vehicle advice for a growing family?

    We're at 7 now and that will ebb and flow depending on who wants to invite who. Went with the 144WB sprinter as our cross country road trip van and an excursion for anything that would be too much for the Benz. Keep the van, you can do a quick reconfiguration of the seats and take your time to...
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    Sand.Salt.Sun.Surf Anybody ever try these? Trying to break up my man in the yellow hat wardrobe a little bit.
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    Adventure Sunglasses: Revant Optics

    I can bore everyone with technical specs, but this optician guy that can get anything he wants wears OVVO. Then I will re-lens them with polarized trivex lenses from Younger optics(about $40 invoice price). Ovvo also produces frames for VedaloHD optics, hands down the best lenses for aviation.
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    Rugged, warm pants with reinforced knees and seat?

    There is only one answer i give when it comes to pants anymore: Duluth Trading Company. If there is a scenario, they have a solution. Personally I’ve weeded it it down to the dry-on-the-fly collection. Damn near bulletproof (at least farm proof).
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    I spied with my little eye..

    a seemingly abandoned flip-pac, opened up for who knows how long. I was out for an afternoon drive with my daughter and caught a glimpse of it making a note to stop for a closer look on the return trip. It was in a lot with a number of other dilapidated motorhomes and campers sitting on a...
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    88 Iveco Van

    I have been walking by this for the past few days and I know how much we all love unique vehicles.
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    Range Rover P38 diesel conversion

    Can't say that I am in love with the 6.2, but the rest of us are driving around a mutated buick motor... The three of you that I have been watching have very positive things to say about your setups, the dark side is strong here.
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    Range Rover P38 diesel conversion

    I knew it was possible, but had given up until now and was looking into a half-cut from Europe or the td-v6 swap for $$$. My brother got a MB 5 cyl into his RRC and that makes this look easy. Now to convince him that this engine is not the pos that everyone says it is.
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    OM617 into ???

    My brother just swaped one into a Range Rover Classic, seems to run pretty well but a little on the sluggish side. About 17 mpg combined and 22-23 highway.