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    Express 2500 AWD Worth It?

    cmoist, there is an AWD Express van ”sticky” thread on this forum, I am pretty technologically challenged, would be great if you would post pictures there, to lay this “debate” to rest. Thanks, Steve
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    Express 2500 AWD Worth It?

    The 3, 2003 2500 AWD vans I have seen (I own 1 of them) have all had the Dana 60, and the 5 leaf, 2500 spring packs, and yes 6 lug wheels.
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    Express 2500 AWD Worth It?

    I know this is an old thread, however, only replying to fix misinformation in this post: The 2003 Express AWD 2500 vans did receive the standard 2500, Dana “Super“ 60 rear axle as well as the standard 2500 leaf spring pack.
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    2004 Sienna AWD Campervan conversion $5500 OBO

    How many miles are on the van? Any previous service records? Rust or rot? Thanks, Steve
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    FOR SALE: custom built ruggedized 99 AWD Safari Tiger CLONE

    Nope! Would love to see this rig! Regards, Steve
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    1994 K3500 4x4 Diesel Ambo Conversion 45k miles

    Pangle, I am interested but also curious what kind of MPG's this rig gets and if you knew the fuel tank size/cruising range? Thanks, Steve
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    Importing a vehichle from Mexico

    it was registered, but never in my name in the US...... I do have the US title but it was signed over to a Mexican National when first sold in Mexico. So I have posession of the Florida title, but not in my name- Does that make sense and will I be able to cross the border and pass US Customs...
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    Importing a vehichle from Mexico

    Hello folks.... I know this question has been asked before and I would love to use the search function, but I am in a small village with only sporadic, dial up internet connection (third time trying to post this)..... While in Mexico the breakdown of my main vehichle caused me to purchase a...
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    1997 Landcruiser "weekender" expo rig

    BTTT See above description! It needs to go, $6200 takes everything! I know the interior needs a few things, but the truck can be enjoyed as is! It is straight, rust free (minus the small pinhole sized surface rust on hatch) and base lined! Will come with all misc. camping stuff and trailer! Give...
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    1997 Landcruiser "weekender" expo rig

    Bump, Lets get this sold before my 1 year hiatus to Mexico! We will try $7500, to an expo member, and I will listen to any "reasonable" offer! Thanks Steve
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    1997 Landcruiser "weekender" expo rig

    1997 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80 and Trailer. Price drop to $6200 with everything I have to go with it!!!! I really need this gone as I am supposed to be in the air to Mexico on 10/15/15 Any serious offers will be listened to!! This truck is "base lined" and ready to take you where veer you want...
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    Hello Scott, I really enjoy the site!!Back in 2006 you made a post with pics in the sierra...

    Hello Scott, I really enjoy the site!!Back in 2006 you made a post with pics in the sierra madre, your notes spoke of two raramuri girls a stream and a cabin, I was wondering if you had waypoints for this location? As my Wife and I are planning a 120 day journey of the Copper Canyon area. Any...
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    62 vs. 80 interior size

    Hey guys I have been lurking and searching here for some time. I currently have a 1997 Land Cruiser and was wondering if the 62 series has more useable interior space. I have heard the 60-62 series have a "roomier" back seat for passengers, but was curious if the rest of the interior is larger...